Head of Strategic Development VCIOM

Ph.D. in Sociology


Graduated from Russian State Humanitarian University (Department of Information Systems, 1994).

1996-1998 - post-graduate studies at the Russian Academy of Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation. PhD in Sociology (1996).


Possesses significant experience in sociological and marketing research, as well as teaching.  Stepan Lvov was the founder of several regional research organizations, media, publishing houses. Took part  in more than thirty election campaigns (throughout 1989 - 2005) as a consultant and head of analytical groups.

In VCIOM since 2006, first as the leading analyst and in 2007 was appointed the Head of the Political Research Department. In 2019 appointed Director of Strategic Development VCIOM


Lvov is the author of more than twenty scientific publications. Among his scientific interests are: political sociology, social stratification, sociology of management, communication in the field of consumption.