VCIOM (Russian Public Opinion Research Center) is the first and the largest polling firm in the Former Soviet Union (FSU). Established in 1987 it is most widely known polling company in Russia.  VCIOM is especially known for its weekly nationwide representative opinion polls (Omnibus type of survey conducted face to face), daily telephone surveys and regular online studies. In 2017, the company launched its daily telephone-based survey project called ‘Sputnik’ (1600 respondents per day) and today VCIOM is the only company in the post-Soviet space which measures public opinion on the current issues in real-time mode (the data is collected every day).

VCIOM has membership in global and regional professional communities such as ESOMAR and OIROM (Russian Association for Market and Opinion Research) and owns 80% of the Mediascope Company’s stock (Mediascope is the leading audience research company in Russia). VCIOM is a cofounder of ‘Eurasian Monitor’ International Research Agency and of the Independent Institute of Social Policy (NISP) – due to this VCIOM is capable of conducting regular studies throughout all FSU countries (former Soviet republics).

Our expertise:

  • Program evaluation; Public Opinion Polling; Academic Research; Market Research; Population Studies.
  • “Full-cycle” projects: including instrument design, data collection, report writing, presentation, and promotion of findings.
  • Customized qualitative and quantitative research tailored to the needs of clients.
  • Multi-mode nationwide representative household samples for quantitative studies.
  • Possessing a strong background in social science research VCIOM provides sound empirical data based on advanced methodologies.
  • • Highly professional team with advanced degrees in the areas of sociology, political science, psychology, communication, marketing etc. from international institutions. The Center has its own network of interviewers (over 5000) and strong ties with international survey organizations in FSU, Europe, USA, and Asia allowing comparative research across numerous countries.

We are headquartered in Moscow, have offices across the whole country, as well as firm ties with the polling centers around the world (from Kazakhstan and Germany to Japan and China). Over three decades our team that includes the best professionals in the areas of sociology, marketing, psychology, political science and finance has provided its expertise to over 2000 clients, representing both public and private sectors.

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