Scientific Programs

VCIOM supports its own scientific program, which is aimed to support young researchers and develop the modern sociological science in Russia.  With this aim VCIOM scientific program is broken into three major parts:

  • Young scientific leadership program
  • Support of scientific legacy within the sphere of sociology
  • Development of scientific science

Within these three parts Russian Public Opinion Research Center is carrying out the following activities.

  • Since 1992, VCIOM has been publishing the ‘Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes’ Journal included in the list of VAK (Higher Attestation Commission in Russia); the journal is in the top 100 Google Scholar Metrics scientific publications in Russian language.
  • Since 2010, the company has been conducting ‘Grushin Sociological Conference’.
  • In 2016, VCIOM joined the organizing committee of the ‘Russian Research Week’. 
  • Since 2016, the Company has participated in the Gaidar Forum.
  • VCIOM Publishing House releases books written by the Russian researchers, carries out translations and publishes the breakthrough foreign scientific literature.