VCIOM conducts research on 3 main directions on regional and federal levels, in post-soviet space, as well as in US, Asian and European countries:

  • politics (electoral research, approvement ratings, etc…),
  • social sphere (education, health care, family, housing and communal services, real estate market, corruption),
  • business (finance and insurance, real estate market, product and corporate brand development, corporate reputation development, trademark expertise, information technology market, media measurement, sports industry, automobile market) et cetera.

VCIOM regularly coordinates and implements international research projects for foreign and Russian customers such as UNDP, US State Department, NATO Bureau in Moscow and others. Since 2004 the Center has taken an active participation in designing the system of regular sociological researching in post-soviet area (in the framework of  international research agency “Eurasian Monitor”).

Selected VCIOM projects (throughout recent 5 years)

  • France-Russia: public diplomacy and mutual perception. Trianone Dialogue. 2018.
  • Exit-polls (national elections of 2007 – 2018 in Russia)
  • Moldova: Measuring and Monitoring Justice Sector Performance (The World Bank Group) 2017
  • Privatization and mortality in post-communist era: multi-level indirect demographic analysis (the University of Cambridge), 2014-2017
  • Political Communication Patterns in Russia (The Ohio State University) 2016
  • Japan-Russia relations (Embassy of Japan in Russia) 2016
  • Outcome Evaluation in social inclusion and quality of life improvement (UNDP Kazakhstan) 2015.
  • Attitude towards the Internet regulation among Russian population (University of Pennsylvania board of trustees (on behalf of Annenberg Center for Public Policy), 2014
  • Presidential addresses (B. Obama and V. Putin) and social media worldwide: reflection and impact towards English and Russian language segments (Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania) 2014
  • Experience of dealing with the law in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia (The World Justice Project) 2013