Sochi Media forum. Law on “fake news”: how will it work
VCIOM General Director Valery Fedorov was a moderator at Sochi’s Media forum of All-Russia People's Front. The forum was devoted to the law prohibiting the spread of fake news in mass media and on the Internet (law on “fake news”). The participants discussed the application of the law in the     
   VCIOM General Director participated in PwC Intellectual Club meeting
VCIOM General Director Valery Fedorov took part in the meeting of PwC Intellectual Club devoted to the topic “Is Russia a country of gender equality or inequality?” Valery Fedorov addressed the findings of the surveys on gender inequality during the     
   Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum
VCIOM General Director Valery Fedorov took part in the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum (KEF’19).  As before, KEF’19 started with a youth day highlighting the competitiveness of the modern city. At the panel discussion “Online comfort. Why does our future lie with smart cities?” Valery Fedorov     
   IX International Grushin Conference has come to an end
More than a thousand participants from eleven countries attended the two-day IX International Grushin Conference which took place at Financial University in Moscow. The conference was organized by VCIOM. A total of 130 researchers, businessmen and public officials took part in 30 various sections.     
   Russian Investment Forum
February 14. Valery Fedorov, VCIOM General Director, participated in the Russian Investment Forum. He spoke at the session titled “Potential of volunteering: how can it be used to promote regional development?” and presented the findings of the study “Corporate volunteering: bringing theory to     
   Eurasian integration marks its 25th anniversary
January 24, 2019. Valery Fedorov, VCIOM General Director, took part in the International Round Table meeting “Idea becomes reality: 25th anniversary of the Nursultan Nazarbayev's Eurasian initiative” which took place at AlmaU (Almaty Management University). V.Fedorov presented the results of the     
   VCIOM General Director met Kazakhstani students
January 24, 2019. Valery Fedorov, VCIOM General Director, had a meeting with undergraduates, Master’s and doctoral students as well as the lecturers of the Department of Sociology and Social Work of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National     
   Appreciation letter from the Russian president
December 18. An annual awards ceremony for the public figures, scientists, educators and artists was held in the Ekaterininsky hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. Kirill Rodin, Head of Social and Communication Practice Department at VCIOM, were given a letter of appreciation from the Russian     
   Russian Youth: past, present and future
Stepan Lvov, Head of Research Department with VCIOM, attended a plenary session “Russian youth: past, present and future” in the framework of the All-Russian Education and Personnel Forum “Trajectory of     
   Volunteer International Forum
December 3. VCIOM Foundation’s General Director Konstantin Abramov spoke at the Volunteer Forum with a report “Equality of opportunities”. Over 15,000 participants from 120 countries of the world participated in the forum. The forum delegates could share their practices and discuss their     

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