Director General, Ph.D. in Political Science


Graduated from Moscow State University (Department of Philosophy). Holds a PhD in Political Science from MSU (2008) with an emphasis on History and Theory of Political Science.


Worked in the Institute of Mass Political Movements at the Russian-American University (1991-93), the Centre for Political Trends (1993-2003), Institute of Social and Political Research of the Russian Academy of Science (ISPI RAN) (1997-2003), Centre for Social Information ISPI RAN (2003-2006).

Since September 2003 has been Director General of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM), where he also heads Expert Council. Valery Fedorov is the member of VCIOM Board of Directors (since 2006).

Chief Editor of the "Monitoring. Social and Economic Changes" scientific journal (since 2003).


Department of World Politics at Moscow State University, lecturer (since 2007)

Department of Sociology at the Russian State Social University, head of the Center for Research Technologies and Consulting (since 2008).

Department of Sociology at the State University-Higher School of Economics, head of VCIOM Chair (since 2009).


Medal of the Order of Merit for Motherland II class (2008);

Certificate of Merit for the Active Promotion and Organizing the Presidential Election Campaign from the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation (2008)


National Strategy Council (http://www.strategeia.ru, since 2002);

Beijing Society for Comparative International Studies, corresponding member (since 2002);

National Civic Council of International Affairs (since 2003);

Presidium of "Civil Society" Independent Organization (since 2003);

ESOMAR (World Association for Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals, www.esomar.org - since 2004);

Expert Council of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (www.rsppr.ru, since 2006);

Market Researchers and Marketing Organization Council (OIROM, oirom.ru, since 2006);

Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (since 2007)

Public Council under the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation (since 2008)



"Mechanisms of Power. 10 years of political analysis" (Мoscow, 2002);

"Putin`s Epoch" (co-author, Moscow, 2003),

"Eurasian Integration. Common Economic Space, its people and elites" (co-author, Moscow, "Europe", 2005);

"Social Studies. Teachers` Book" (co-author, Moscow, "Prosveschenie", 2007);


Chief Editor of the following books:

"Russia at the Crossroads: the way we thought in 2004" (Moscow, EKSMO, 2005);

"Modern Political Dictionary" (Moscow, CSP, 2006);

"Guide to the Elections: Political Russia - 2007" (Moscow, VCIOM, 2007).

"From Eltsin to Putin: three epochs in the Historical Consciousness of Russians" (Moscow, VCIOM, 2007)