IX Sociological Grushin Conference

“Social engineering: sociology changing the world”
Moscow, March 20–21, 2019

The IX Sociological Grushin Conference “Social engineering: sociology changing the world” invites to discuss topical questions:

  • May science work for its own sake or should it make a product for society to influence it, how to respond to a request for “acting sociology”? How to tell informing from technologies / instruments of social management? How does researchers’ move to social engineering meet spirit and letter of the professional ethics?
  • How do the pollsters’ research and data influence public opinion, build trust in society, provide social actors landmarks for actions, shape identities of social groups, and change research companies themselves?
  • How to ensure objectivity of research, and sensitivity to changes keeping faithful to established approaches to social indicators measurements in the era of liquid modernity? How far may sociologists go the way of developing research instruments for the sake of their practical use?

To discuss these and other topical issues we invite researchers and experts — all those who professionally use sociological data and other sociological information.

In addition to the topical issues, the Conference Programme traditionally includes several proceeding streams: research methods, industry infrastructure and professional community organization, as well as special sections of partner companies, master classes, etc.

The Conference Programme is being shaped of proposals of events — sections, round tables, etc. — and presentation proposals, supported by the Programme Committee.

Important dates

Till February 25, 2019 — participants’ registration

Till March 10, 2019 — abstracts for publication registration


Shaping the Conference Programme: Natalia Sedova
+7 (495) 748-08-07
+7 (903) 173-44-16
Arrangements and cooperation:
Tatiana Khomutova
+7 (495) 748-08-07
+7 (903) 255-86-47
PR support of the Conference: Tatiana Volchanskaya
+7 (495) 748-08-07
Abstracts publication: Anna Kuleshova
+7 (495) 748-08-07
+7 (926) 222-55-57

Email conference@wciom.com

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