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MOSCOW, February 27, 2012. On March 4th the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) will conduct the presidential election exit-polls (poll after the voters have exited the polling stations), commissioned by All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.  

The exit-polls will take place in 63 subjects of the Russian Federation (see the List of regions below), at 1000 polling stations. The participation is voluntary and anonymous; the voter will be offered to fill in the form (ballot), indicating who he/she has voted for, his/her sex and age, and then drop it in the box. The new method of survey does not make the voter tell the name of the candidate he/she has voted for; the voter can keep it secret by dropping the form in the box.

The results of the exit-polls will be aired by Russia-1 TV channel on March 4th at 21.00

(Russian legislation prohibits the publication of poll results before this time). After 21.00 the results will be available at VCIOM`s official site: <link></link&gt;




VCIOM Director General

V.V. Fedorov

  VCIOM exit-polls

List of regions (oblast)

1.       Altai region

2.       Amursk regioin

3.       Arkhangelsk region

4.       Astrakhan region

5.       Bashkortostan

6.       Belgorod region

7.       Bryansk region

8.       Vladimir region

9.       Volgograd region

10.    Vologda region

11.    Voronezh region

12.    Ivanovo region

13.    Irkutsk region

14.    Kabardino-Balkaria region  

15.    Kaliningrad region

16.    Kaluga region

17.    Kemerovo region

18.    Kirov region

19.    Kostroma region

20.    Krasnodar region

21.    Krasnoyarsk region

22.    Kurgan region

23.    Kursk region

24.    Leningrad region

25.    Lipetsk region

26.    Moscow

27.    Moscow region

28.    Murmansk region

29.    Nizhny Novgorod region

30.    Novgorod region  

31.    Novosibirsk region

32.    Omsk region

33.    Orenburg region

34.    Orlov region

35.    Penza region

36.    Perm region

37.    Primorye region

38.    Pskov region

39.    Republic of Buryatia

40.    Republic of Karelia

41.    Republic of Komi

42.    Mari El Republic

43.    Republic of Mordovia

44.    Republic of Tatarstan

45.    Republic of Udmurtia

46.    Rostov region

47.    Ryazan region

48.    Samara region

49.    Saint-Petersburg

50.    Saratov region

51.    Sverdlovsk region

52.    Smolensk region

53.    Stavropol region

54.    Tambov region

55.    Tver region

56.    Tomsk region

57.    Tula region

58.    Tyumen region

59.    Ulyanovsk region

60.    Khabarovsk region

61.    Chelyabinsk region

62.    Republic of Chuvashia

63.    Yaroslavl region

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