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MOSCOW, December 2, 2007 Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) upon request of Channel One Russia presents data of the survey that took place on exits from polling stations during the elections in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

The exit poll was carried out at 1 200 polling stations in 57 regions of the country. At exits from polling stations, two interviewers addressed the persons that had just voted with a question as to the name of the political party that they had just given their vote to. The statistical error does not exceed 2%.

According to the data obtained by VCIOM the voter turn out at polling stations amounted to 59%. According to the results of the exit poll, 4 parties will manage to enter the State Duma of the Russian Federarion of the V convocation, those being "Unified Russia" (61%), KPRF (11,5%), LDPR (8,8%) and "Fair Russia" (8,4%).

All the other parties did not manage to overcome the seven percent barrier. They all obtained 10,3% of the electorate's vote. These votes now form a "bonus" that will be distributed among the parties that managed to overcome the barrier. Thus, the faction of "Unified Russia" will receive 300 deputy mandates, KPRF will obtain 57, LDPR 45 and "Fair Russia" 42 mandates.

Listed below are results of surveys carried out upon exit polling stations (as of 20.00 Moscow time).


Political Parties

In % people who have voted for

The Agrarian Party of the Russian Federation (V. Plotnikov, V. Shandybin, N. Brusnikova)


Civilian Power (M. Barshevsky, A. Ryavkin, V. Pohmelkin)


Democratic Party of Russia (A. Bogdanov, V. Smirnov, O. Gimazov)


The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, KPRF (G. Zyuganov, Z. Alferov, N. Kharitonov)


Union of Right Forces (SPS) (N. Belykh, B. Nemtsov, M. Chudakova)


Party of Social Justice (V. Vorotnikov, M. Leskov, A. Podberezkin)


Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (V. Zhirinovsky, A. Lugovoy, I. Lebedev)


Fair Russia: Motherland - Pensioners - Life (S. Mironov, S. Goryacheva)


Patriots of Russia (G. Semigin, G. Seleznev, S. Makhovikov)


Unified Russia (V. Putin)


Yabloko (G. Yavlinsky, S. Ivanenko, S. Kovalev)


Spoilt voting papers

Less than 1%

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