Results of our studies

MOSCOW March, 2 2008 Russian Public Opinion research Center (WCIOM) upon agreement with the 1st Russian TV Channel presents its exit-poll data from Presidential elections of Russian Federation.

The study was conducted on the 2nd of March, 2008 at 1000 election stations in 62 regions of Russian Federation. There were two interviewers working at the exits of the election stations: the first was asking people who did they vote for, as well as marked the age and gender of the respondent; the second interviewer counted the turn out at the elections.  

Statistical Significance equals to: 1.7%

According to the results of the exit-poll, Dmitry Medvedev was elected a President of Russian Federation in the first round of elections.  

Please, see below the results of exit-polls (as to 8PM Moscow time):

Presidential candidates

voted for

Andrey Bogdanov


Vladimir Zhirinovsky


Gennadiy Ziuganov


Dmitry Medvedev



Sample size: 186 066.

Refused to answer 20,4% of respondents.

Results of exit-poll are available at WCIOM web-site:

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