Studies of Russians’ Financial Behavior

A division of VCIOM is specialized in the study of the behavior, strategies, and motivations of financial services consumers in our country.

For banks, we offer research devoted to reviews of the banking market and its segments, analysis of leading banks, and conditions for rendering of bank services as well as customer satisfaction with banking services.

For insurance companies, we offer research on the popularity of insurance companies, analysis of insurance market, comparative analysis of offered services, and quality assessment of customer service which gives information to help improve the competitiveness of insurance companies in the Russian market.

For investment companies, we offer research on target consumer groups, study of their awareness and readiness to use different investment instruments, and the peculiarities of their behavior in the investment services market.

For public and governmental institutions, we conduct research on the state of the financial market and the attitude of Russians towards financial institutes. Research is aimed at both describing the current social situation and making suggestions for the future.

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