Media Dimensions

Increases in media sources, audience fragmentation, and niche-market specialization have made navigation in Russia’s quickly expanding and diversifying media market more difficult now than ever before. VCIOM – Media&Communications, a division of VCIOM, can help its clients implement their strategic and tactical goals and remain market leaders. VCIOM specializes in the study of:

  • The Media Market
  • Media Audiences
  • Media Consumption
  • Media Loyalty
  • Media Health
  • Media Reputation

VCIOM –Media&Communications places special attention on fundamental areas of research which would allow their clients to answer the following questions:

  • Interest – How do we attract the attention of the audience?
  • Creativity of Advertisement – How does it shape the effectiveness of our marketing?
  • Selectivity of human memory – How can we keep from getting lost among the general information noise?
  • Advertisement – How does it impact human behavior?
  • The Decision Making Process – How do we make people choose our product?

 What We Are Measuring:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Press
  • Internet
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Movie Theaters
  • New Media

How We Do It: We conduct scientific sociological and marketing research with deep theoretical examinations of our research subjects. Leading experts in their fields design the methodology of research, conduct field work, control the quality of received information and perform in-depth analyses using advanced processing methods.

Our Philosophy: 

  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Accuracy  
  • Reliability
  • Depth
  • Speed

Our Partners:

               Publishing House
«Rossiyskaya Gazeta»
              Publishing House
              Publishing House
               Data Portal
              Data Portal
               Information Service
               TV Company
               Expert Network
               National Association Of Journalists 
               Russian Public Relations Association
«Rosbusinessconsulting» («RBC»)
               Information Agency
«Russian News Service» («RSN»)
              Information Agency
«Russian Information Agency - Novosti» («RIA-Novosti»)
              Information Agency
              Information Agency
«France Press»
              Information Agency
«Le Mond»
«Deutsche Press Agentur»
              Information Agency
               Polish TV
«Vremya Novostei»
               Radio Station

Our Clients:

               Russian State Television And Radio Broadcasting Company
«Channel 1»
               TV Channel
              TV Channel
              TV Channel
              TV Channel
              TV Channel
              TV Channel
«France International»
«Argumenti I Fakti»
               Publishing House
              Publishing House
«7 Days»
              Publishing House
«Sovershenno Sekretno»
              Publishing House
              Publishing House
               Weekly Magazine
               Data Portal
               Information Agency
              Information Agency
«Russian Union Of Industrialists And Entrepreneurs» («RSPP»)
               All-Russian Organization
               National Academy Of Football
               Group Of Companies  «Video International»
               «Russian Association Of Communication Agencies»
               Center Of Communication Technologies
               Cellular Operator

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