Brand Research

VCIOM has a dedicated division for researching corporate image and analyzing commodity and corporate brands. Such information is essential for all top administrators making managerial decisions in the most important fields of any modern company: PR, HR and Marketing.

For PR Specialists we offer assessments of corporate identity from a wide range of interested audiences and influential groups such government officials, media, and the investment and business communities. VCIOM has specially tailored its unique set of methods for studying corporate reputation and evaluating services which enhance the effectiveness of PR programs in order to specially suite the modern PR professional, giving them everything they need to know in order to make their company stand out.

For HR Specialists we have created a system to assess the corporate culture of a company and study the organization’s image as an employer. For Marketers and Brand Managers we present research products oriented towards the promotion of corporate and commodity brands. We have created a set of methods for analyzing the effectiveness of marketing programs and increases in advertisement expenditure, as well as assessments of offered services and anything else the company may require.

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