VIP-parade 2008 is the VCIOM`s eighth annual rating of the Russian elite commissioned by the Kommersant Publishing House. VIP-parade is a list of Russians called elite by not less than 0.5 % of Russian citizens. 

For those who did not follow the previous rating, let you remind that the first place has been constantly held by the same person – the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir V. Putin. Since the previous year Russia has had a new president who was ranked second in the elite rating. The first one was (surprisingly) taken by the Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin.  Generally, the rating has not dramatically changed over the two Putin`s four-year epochs and the beginning of the Medvedev rule (the main thing happened during the entire period of measurement is Dmitry Medvedev`s high rating positions). There are around 200-300 people claiming the status of Russian elite; the first hundred persons are presented in the rating.  With a big predictability we can assume that next year there will be few changes in the top hundred, mainly at the expense of the rotation between the first hundred and the other ones.

The results of the VIP-parade 2008 rating are presented in the Kommersant newspaper dated December 26th, 2008 and VCIOM`s press release # 1130 “Rating of the Russian Elite Representatives – 2008”. 

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