State of business climate in Russia

The main objective of the research was studying the views of the business community on basic problems of the business, conditions for the business in order to determine the business climate in Russia, as well as dynamics of its development. 

The main goals of the project were to reveal the attitudes of the business community on the following subjects:

  • Main problems of the business;
  • Place and role of the business in the society:
  • Level of trust of the population in  business;
  • Relations between business and state;
  • Political views of business community.

To solve these questions the mass opinion poll was conducted in September – October 2007 among Russian entrepreneurs – owners and top managers of private enterprises.

The sampling represents business community according to three economic sectors (industry, services and trade) in proportion to their share in national economy. Groups of large, middle and small enterprises were formed according to the shares within each sector: 30%, 50% and 20% according to the size of enterprise (number of employees):

  1. large enterprises – number of employees:
    • Industry and Construction sector – more than 500 employees;
    • Transport and Communications – more than 500;
    • Wholesale Trade – more than 300;
    • Retailing and Consumer Services – more than 200;
  2. Middle enterprises – number of employees:
    • Industry and Construction sector - 100-500;
    • Transport and Communications - 100-500;
    • Wholesale Trade - 50-300;
    • Retailing and Consumer Services - 30-200;
  3. Small enterprises - number of employees:
    • Industry and Construction sector – up to 100 employees;
    • Transport and Communications – up to 100;
    • Wholesale Trade – up to 50;
    • Retailing and Consumer Services – up to 30.

1200 respondents in 40 subjects of the Russian Federation were interviewed (30 respondents per each subject).

The survey was conducted using formal face-to-face interview in the workplace.

To gain the full picture of the business climate, Russian business operate in, a detailed system of indicators was used to describe different aspects of the life of Russian business community. The analysis encompasses the following options:

  • Basic problems of Russian business,
  • General state of business environment as a factor of business development,
  • Relationship within business community,
  • relations between business and society,
  • relations between business and state,
  • Political views and ideas of Russian business.

Apart form the businessmen’s poll, the report also involves the data from all-Russian VCIOM`s studies which reflect the attitudes of Russians toward certain business-related issues. The opinion polls were conducted in July and November 2007. Respondents were interviewed at 153 sampling points in 46 regions of Russia. The sampling is representative of the Russian population in terms of its gender, age, education and types of settlement.

Content of report

  1. Main problems of business in modern Russia
  2. State of business environment as a factor of business development
  3. Relationships within business community
  4. Relations between business and society
    1. level of public trust in business
    2. social responsibility of business
    3. attitudes of business and society towards private property
  5. Relations between business and state
    1. assessment of national economic policy
    2. problems of legal regulation of business and rights protection
    3. administrative and business infrastructure problems
    4. interaction with power – from corruption to lobbying
  6. Business and political environment
    1. assessment of the performance of authorities and general  direction of the country’s development
    2. Interest towards politics, value and electoral sets of the business community
  7. Application – distribution of answers to the question of the questionnaire by respondents representing different groups of entrepreneurs.

Download VCIOM`s report about the business climate in Russia 

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