VCIOM is a member of the international sociological association Intersearch. The partnership with the Intersearch helps VCIOM conduct sociological research outside of Russia. The Intersearch was established in 1998. It involves more than 30 sociological and marketing research centers across different countries and different continents. The geographical scale is huge. Apart from VCIOM, representing Russia, Interserch also embraces research companies of most of European and Asian countries, as well as United State, Mexico and South African Republic.

The research methods of Interseach combine world standards and local specifics when conducting sociological research in regions. The main objectives of the Intersearch is promotion of international research in sociology and marketing, development of sociologists`  network , exchange of information and research technologies between centers. 

The members of Intersearch are independent research centers specializing on quantitative research:

  • Consumer goods finance and insurance
  • Mass media and advertising research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Business -2 – business research
  • Tourism and traveling
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Social and political research

Not more than two research companies from one state can be members of Intersearch. Each of them gets conditional research specialization: qualitative or quantitative. Thus, VCIOM is the Intersearch`s partner that conducts quantitative (mass) sociological polls. The Intersearch Russian partner specializing in qualitative research is Levada Analytical Center. 

  Types of research
  VCIOM-Sputnik survey
  Political Research
  Socio-economic studies
  Research for Business
  Open projects
  “Support of Russia” (“Opora Rossii”)
  Assessment of Russian courts` performance
  Assessment of higher professional education in Russia
  Residents of Moscow and Moscow region about the situation in real estate market
  Development of football in Russia
  Russians on quality of housing and communal services
  State of business climate in Russia
  Life in Russia viewed by Chinese migrants
  Financial behavior of Russians
  Freedom of Speech Index
  Uniform state exam: knowledge, stereotypes, assessments
  Index of social moods
  Eurasian monitor