Freedom of Speech Index

VCIOM launched a new research project “Freedom of speech in Russian regions”. The first research was conducted by VCIOM in Voronezh region from April 25 to May 16 2008. 

Freedom of speech index is based on the results of:

  • opinion poll in Voronezh region conducted using representative sampling. Sample size: 600 respondents. 
  • Expert poll.

Fifteen experts were polled including heads of regional and local mass media representatives – chief editors, directors of publishing and broadcasting companies dealing with  distribution of print media, journalists of the regional mass media, business representatives, science and education representatives, Russian political parties` regional branches representatives, and representstives of public and human rights organizations.

“Freedom of speech in Russian regions” (Voronezh region case study). (2008)

 “Freedom of speech in Russian regions” (Kaliningrad region case study). (2009)

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