Eurasian monitor

The main idea of the “Eurasian monitor” project is a regular measurement of the basic social moods indicators of the CIS countries. The concept of the project basically adopts and develops the ideas of “Eurobarometer”  which is a research program operating in EU.  There are 14 post-Soviet countries participating in the project which are members the Eurasian monitor including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. (VCIOM is a national participant).

In perspective, Eurasian monitor should become the core of the system of interethnic (cross-cultural) sociological studies across the post-Soviet space.

Main characteristics of the research

The basis of the “Eurasian monitor” project is a regular (every six month) synchronized questioning of the post-Soviet countries’ citizens according to a single questionnaire. In each country the questionnaires are held according to the national representative selection (1100-2000 respondents). Single form of the questionnaires consists of two parts:

  1. constant (monitoring) part, which includes questions about social moods and urgent problems, attitudes to different branches of political power, and of course questions about attitudes to integration– 10 questions;
  2. variable (thematic) part, which includes questions on a single topic, changing from one poll to another (for example, cultural ties, political and pre-election orientation of people) – 20-25 questions

Goals of the project

  • measurement of main social and economic moods of the citizens of post-Soviet countries, actual social problems and attitudes of voters towards main political institutions of the country;
  • measurement of attitudes towards basic social and political events, developments and processes observed across post-Soviet countries;
  • measurement of foreign-policy and integration orientations of the citizens of post-Soviet countries’, attitudes towards collaboration among post-Soviet countries and new integration initiatives;
  • measurement of self-identification (post-Soviet, European, Asian, national etc) of the former USSR countries’ population; monitoring of the new integration identity formation;
  • informing state officials, top business managers, non-governmental and non-commercial unions of the third sector, mass media and the public about the social moods of the citizens of the former USSR countries (CIS, SES).

“Eurasian monitor” project services

“Eurasian monitor” agency offer services for conducting comparative public opinion polls in post-Soviet countries. 

The agency put the Customer`s questions in another wave of “Eurasian Monitor” polls. The agency designs the questionnaires, according to Customer`s interests, if needed. In the end, the Customer gets the primary data collection (SPSS or Excel formats) including social and demographic data and results of the preliminary data analysis (two-dimensional data distributions).

Cost of inclusion of answers into questionnaire

The conditions (cost) of the inclusion of the Customer`s questions into “Eurasian Monitor” questionnaires are presented in Table 1. The prices listed are for opinion polls conducted in one country participating in the survey. The cost of opinion polls conducted in two or more countries are presented in Table 2.

Table 1. Basic cost of “Eurasian Monitor” project polls (one country)


1st – 10th questions

11th and  further questions

1 close-ended question (not more than 12 answers)



1 open-ended question


“Battery” of questions of the same type (one questions per several variables)

400€ + 170€ per each question from the “battery”

Table 2. Factors added to the basic cost of “Eurasian Monitor” project polls


Factors  added to basic cost      

2 countries


3-4 countries


5 and more countries



International polls are conducted during one month after another wave of research has begun. The deadlines for conducting the closest waves are November 2006 (Sixth wave) and March-April 2007 (Seventh wave).


Applications are sent to (marked as “Eurasian Monitor”) or

Contacting person: Dmitry Zaitsev

Phones:               (495) 621-3415         (495) 621-3415, 628-5167


Project materials

Project presentation (RAR)
Survey data linear distribution (RAR) 
Press-release # 84
Press-release # 85
2d wave presentation (RAR) 
3d wave presentation (RAR)
4th wave presentation  (RAR) 
5th wave presentation (RAR)
6th wave presentation (ZIP)
7th wave presentation  (ZIP)
8th wave presentation (ZIP)
9th wave presentation (ZIP)

Project support

We would like to thank for the support: 

  • Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation
  • Federation Council Committee of CIS Affairs
  • Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • RIA Novosti

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