Assessment of Russian courts` performance

The assessment of judiciary system viewed by Russians is a key sign of the establishment of the institution of judiciary power as an accessible mechanism of legal protection in the country.

The aim of the research is studying the perception and attitudes of Russians towards judicial system and principles of its operation in modern Russia, assessment of the protection of citizens` rights and freedoms provided by the judiciary system, views on reforming judicial system.

Methods of research: quantitative research face-to-face household interviews using formal questionnaire.

Sampling: random, noniterated. Sample size: 1579 respondents.

Scheme of sampled cluster provides multi-stage cluster sampling which is representative of the adult population of Russia (aged above 18) in terms of age, education, type of settlement, as well as each federal district of Russia. The poll was conducted at 153 sampling points in 46 regions of Russia; the number of points made up 90 in the cities and 46 in rural area. The statistical error does not exceed 3.4%.

The poll was implemented through formal interview when the interviewer orally poses questions, reads possible answers and records the answers marking the code positions in the questionnaires. In case of open-ended questions interviewer clearly writes down the respondent`s statement.

Content of report

  • Research description
  • Assessment of the awareness level of Russians about the performance of Russian courts
  • Assessment of the performance of Russian courts
  • Awareness of Russians about the judicial reforms and their assessment of reforming
  • Level of awareness of Russian population about the performance of the European court
  • Comparative assessment of the work of Russian court and European court

Download VCIOM report on Russian court performance 

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