VCIOM’s Director is recognized as “best manager” in his field
Valery Fedorov, VCIOM’s General Director, entered the top five managers in “Professional services” of the Top-1000 Russian Managers Rating, published annually by the Managers’ Association and the Kommersant Publishing House. Valery Fedorov was ranked fifth among top managers     
   Inter-ethnic relations
September, 19. Elena Mikhailova, VCIOM’s Director on Research, took part in a meeting of the Public Council under the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs and became a member of two public commissions -   Commission on Strengthening the Unity of the Russian Nation and Ethnic and Cultural     
   Single voting day 2017: main results and conclusions
September, 13.  Valery Fedorov, VCIOM’s General Director, took part in a round table of the Foundation for Civil Society Development and the Expert Institute of Social Research. The discussion was devoted to the results of the voting which was held on September 10th, a single day of     
   Russia surprises: 30 years of public opinion measurement
September, 11. VCIOM’s special exhibition “Russia surprises: 30 years of public opinion measurement” was opened in the main building of the Financial University. The exhibition is prepared by the professional team of the oldest research organization and comprises impressive slides which show     
   Russia-ASEAN: new horizons of cooperation
September, 5.  Valery Fedorov, VCIOM’s General Director, took part in the Second University Forum “Russia-ASEAN 2017”. The topic of the discussion was devoted to the Russia's image in Southeast Asia and Southeast Asia's image in Russia. The role of education, media and cultural exchange was     
   Studies for Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs
Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) has become the winner of two competitions to conduct inter-ethnic studies for the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs.    
   Studies for Moscow City Government
VCIOM was announced the winner of four competitions for the provision of services related to social studies commissioned by the Moscow City Government.    
   Russia-Belarus: common points
July, 25. Valery Fedorov, VCIOM’s General Director, addressed the participants of the Belarusian Summer School “Humanitarika-2017”. More than two dozens of humanitarian scholars such as sociologists, economists, historians and journalists from different universities, research and expert groups of     
   Awards Ceremony at Higher School of Economics. Day one.
On June 27, the Awards Ceremony for VCIOM’s Student Research Competition took place at National Research University – Higher School of Economics. Prizes and awards were given by VCIOM’S General Director Valery Fedorov.  He emphasizes that this is the third time the competition takes place;     
   Moscow – London
Based on the data of VCIOM’s latest study devoted to demographic trends in mono-industrial towns in modern Russia, the Cambridge experts prepared an article published in the British leading medical journal Lancet. The project has been carried out by VCIOM’s Department on International Affairs since     

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