Launching cooperation between VCIOM and Azerbaijani researchers
A work meeting with Elshad Mirbashir oglu, Deputy Director at the Centre for Social Research under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, took place at VCIOM. A large scope of issues encompassing organization and conduct of research, research information exchange, promotion of practical know-how, organization of events and publication activities were touched upon during the meeting.

On VCIOM’s part, K. Abramov (VCIOM Foundation General Director), N. Sedova (Director on Social and Professional Communications) and A. Kinyakin (Head of Department of Education and Science) took part in the meeting.  After the meeting, a Memorandum of Cooperation between VCIOM and Centre for Social Research was signed. The meeting showed that the Azerbaijani researchers are not only willing to develop cooperation with VCIOM but also would like to participate in the activities aimed to create a professional union of public opinion researchers working in the post-Soviet space. Centre for Social Research under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is operating according to the decree of the President of Azerbaijan I. Aliev dated February 2019. Today it is one of the most fast-moving research organizations in Azerbaijan.
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