Eurasian integration marks its 25th anniversary

January 24, 2019. Valery Fedorov, VCIOM General Director, took part in the International Round Table meeting “Idea becomes reality: 25th anniversary of the Nursultan Nazarbayev's Eurasian initiative” which took place at AlmaU (Almaty Management University). V.Fedorov presented the results of the polls conducted by VCIOM from 1994 through 2019 and devoted to the Eurasian integration. The presentation is available at this link.

The following topics were addressed during the meeting:

1. Nursultan Nazarbayev's Eurasian initiative: from idea generation to implementation.

2. Role of Eurasian initiative in the modern history of the EAEC and CIS member-states.

3. Eurasian integration main directions of development: economy, innovations, scientific and humanitarian cooperation.

4. Eurasian Economic Union as a union of states with equal rights.

5. EAEU complementary economies as a key to harmonious growth.

6. R2R: regional dimension of integration processes.

7. External and internal threats to further development of the Eurasian concept. 

8. Scenarios to overcome integration crises: an expert view.

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