Russia surprises: 30 years of public opinion measurement
September, 11. VCIOM’s special exhibition “Russia surprises: 30 years of public opinion measurement” was opened in the main building of the Financial University.
The exhibition is prepared by the professional team of the oldest research organization and comprises impressive slides which show the results of the studies conducted since 1987 up until now. The exhibition is focused on Russians’ key emotions, needs and feelings in that period and traces back Russia’s history through the prism of public opinion. The researchers divide the thirty-year period  into five cycles: “Dissolution of the Soviet Union” (1987-1991, analysis of the Perestroika epoch and its trend towards democratization and destruction of the old political order), “Dashing nineties” (1992-1999, assessment of the performance of B. Yeltsin and  market relations, attitudes towards Chechen campaign), “Stabilization and economic rise” (2000-2007, assessment of the performance of V. Putin, economic processes and the “consumer boom”), “Time of crises and fight” (2008-2013, evaluation of the impact of the global crisis on Russia, economic stagnation and political protests), “Global turbulence” (2014-2017, assessment of the 2014 Winter Olympics results, Crimea’s incorporation and the Russia’s role in global politics). 
The opening ceremony involved V.V. Fedorov, VCIOM’s General Director, scientific advisor at Sociology and Political Science Faculty of Financial University, and K.V. Simonov, first Vice-Rector for External Relations.
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