Who are you, Mr Trump?
A round table took place on November 16th at the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM); the round table was titled “Results of the 2016 US election: a new reset?”
Political science experts discussed a wide range of issues: how the Russia-US relations may change after the elections; to what extent Russian expectations from Trump are exaggerated; why sociologists were wrong; what the role of the Electoral College in today’s U.S.A. is – does it guarantee that small states' votes count or is it nothing but an electoral atavism? Answers to these and many other questions were given by Valery Fedorov, VCIOM’s General Director; Sergey Markov, Director of the Institute for Political Studies; Mikhail Vinogradov, Director of the St. Petersburg Policy Foundation; Konstantin Simonov, First Vice-Rector at Financial University; Pavel Salin, Director of the Center for Political Research at Financial University,  Alexander Shatilov, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology at Financial University, Boris Mezhuev, Editor-in-Chief of the Terra America portal; Sergey Belokonev, Head of the Department of Political Science at Financial University, Andrey Kazantsev, Director of the Analytical Center at MGIMO. 
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