Lectures at foreign universities
Olga Kamenchuk, VCIOM Director on International and Public Affairs, has finished another set of reports and open lectures about VCIOM and its studies; the lectures are given each academic year in the leading American universities and research centers. The data reports for the 2016-2017 academic     
   VCIOM-SPUTNIK daily omnibus survey
On April 20, the VCIOM-Sputnik project launched its 100th anniversary wave. Over this period a total number of 57, 000 Russians in 3,500 cities, urban-type and rural settlements across Russia have been asked more than 2,000 insightful questions. More than 40 press releases based on the results were     
   Seven days before the Armenian election
On March 28, the General Director of VCIOM Valery Fedorov took part in a press conference held in Yerevan; the press conference was devoted to social and political situation in Armenia. The competition between the leading parties (Tsarukyan Coalition and Armenian Republican party) aggravated one     
   Russian Research Week 2017: Technologies for Studying the Present and Predicting the Future
On March 13, the General Director of VCIOM  Valery Fedorov, the president of the Public Opinion Foundation Alexander  Oslon and the General Director of GFK-Rus  Alexander  Demidov  took part in a press-conference titled "Russian research week 2017: technologies for     
   Future Readiness Index: Economy
February 28 - Valery Fedorov, VCIOM General Director, attended the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi and presented the measurements of economic stability of the world powers as a result of the joint project of the Valdai Club and VCIOM “Future Readiness Index”. The expert team will assess the     
   VI session of the Sociological School has come to an end
February 12, 2017. VI Winter Session of the Sociological School organized by the VCIOM Foundation and   Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA) has come to an end. Participants involved students,     
   Fedorov was appointed Kirienko’s advisor
January 19 - Valery Fedorov, VCIOM General Director, was appointed advisor to the Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Sergei Kirienko on a voluntary basis. The corresponding decree was signed the day before. Other 11 advisors on voluntary basis include Konstantin Kostin, Head of     
   New challenges and approaches in the public opinion studies
December 22 - Valery Fedorov, VCIOM General Director, addressed a meeting called “New challenges and approaches in the public opinion studies”. The seminar involved public officials from the supreme government bodies who are responsible for the internal policies in the subjects of the Russian     
   Kazakhstan: 25 years of sovereignty
December 9 - Valery Fedorov, VCIOM General Director, delivered his speech at the International Scientific Conference titled “Kazakhstan in the World History: Eternal Values and New Horizons”. The conference took place at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Asian and African     
   Openness is prioritized
December 6 – Valery Fedorov, VCIOM General Director, presented the rating of openness of federal bodies of executive power. The rating is based upon the assessments provided by four groups such as population, frontline workers, business representatives and experts. The data was announced at the     

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