Crisis in Russia and FSU: differences and similarities
July 21, 2009. Moscow, RF. Valery FEDOROV (VCIOM Director General) and Igor ZADORIN (Executive Director of research consortium "Eurasian monitor") have presented results of regular large scale study that was held in 14 republics of former Soviet Union. The data in Russia was collected by     
   Youth and donorship
July 19, 2009. Konstantin ABRAMOV (VCIOM First Deputy Director General) has delivered a lecture "Donorship - sociologist's perspective" in the framework of project "Technology of good" to participants of youth forum "Seliger     
   Presentation of VCIOM research in Warsaw, Poland
July 14-19, 2009. Warsaw, Poland. Olga KAMENCHUK (VCIOM Director on International and Public Relations) took part in the VIth Warsaw East-European Conference. Kamenchuk has made a presentation: "Adaptation Strategies to Global Economic Crisis: East-European Scenario". In the course of her     
   Media as civil society institute
July 15, 2009. Valery FEDOROV took part in Public Chamber of RF hearings on the topic: "Media as civil society institute: relations with authorities, rights and responsibility of the journalist". The event was organized by Public Chamber Commission on Communications, information policy     
   VCIOM Department at State University "Higher School of Economics"
At the end of June VCIOM opened its own Chair at the Department of Sociology of State University "Higher School of Economics"  (HSE) - one of the leading Universities of Russia. The main goal is to assist HSE in overcoming the gap between theoretical and practical     
   Unwalked paths and open questions: Russians about their history
July 3, 2009. Moscow presentation of the 11th wave of comparative cross-country studies (in 14 post-Soviet countries) was held by international consortium "Eurasian Monitor". The major topic of the latest project was: "Perception of Soviet and post-Soviet history by population (with     
   Cooperation of VCIOM with German colleagues
Moscow-Taunusstein (Russia-Germany). July 1st, 2009. Throughout significant period of time VCIOM has been successfully cooperating with the leading international research companies (located in Germany, Bulgaria, Japan, Ukraine, etc…) The end of June was marked by finalization of the successful     
   Is "Pere(za)gruzka" awaiting US and Russia?
July 1, 2009. Olga KAMENCHUK took part and presented at the round table entitled "Images of Russia and US prior to "perezagruzka" of relations between the two countries", organized by Committee on RF image at the Russia PR Association, International Institute of Policial     
   Higher education standards expertise
June 8-10, 2009. Moscow. Valery Fedorov took part in the process of professional expertise of higher education standards (field: sociology) for both undergraduate and graduate students, held by RF Ministry of     
   Scale of Illegal Drug Abuse and Distribution in Russia
June 10, 2009. Federal Service of RF on Drug Control (Gosnarkokontrol) has concluded results of the competition aimed at research of the scale of illegal drug abuse and distribution in 2009. Among participants of the competition were such institutions as: Romir, Russian State Social University,     

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