Konstantin Abramov has become a member of the Public Council Ministry of Labor of the RF
November 13 – VCIOM General Director Deputy Konstantin Abramov was elected as a member of the Ministry of Labor and Civil Protection. Congratulations to our colleague!    
   Is really Russia a third world country? Is that true that the patriotism is old-fashioned? Is the expression “it is time to shove off here” pertinent?
These and other questions were discussed by the participants of the roundtable: • Valery FEDOROV (VCIOM General Director) • Alexandr OSLON (Public Opinion Foundation President) • Askhat KUTLALIEV (GFK-Russ Deputy Director). Valery Fadeev, Director of the Institute     
   Roundtable: “Russia surprises: statistics and sociology vs. myths and fantasies”
November 12 – VCIOM roundtable took place in the Hotel National. Representatives of the joint research project involving companies such as VCIOM, GFK-Russ and Public Opinion Foundation presented today`s sociological and statistical data concerning the life in Russia over the recent 10 or 15 years     
   Tobacco marketing outcomes
Results of a significant multinational study on some aspects of tobacco marketing outcomes were just published by "Pediatrics" - a renowned scientific journal of The American Academy of Pediatrics. An important part of it study was conducted in Russia by VCIOM. You can get access to the     
   Tatiana I. Zaslavskaya, 86, passed away
Great Russian sociologist, political scientist, economist and RAS academician she was the first to be at the head of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM). This is a great loss for the Russian Sociology and any institutes dealing with applied studies. During her work at the Siberian     
   Press Conference. Moscow Mayoral Elections: Ratings and Forecast
August, 14 (12:00) - VCIOM`s General Director Valery Fedorov took part in the press conference devoted to the upcoming Moscow mayoral elections. The press conference took place at the RBK Press Centre. The latest ratings of the Moscow mayor candidates and election forecast were presented during the     
   Seliger Forum 2013
July, 20 – Konstantin Abramov delivered a lecture entitled “Your House” to the participants of the     
   Russian-American Seminar
July, 8 – Valery Fedorov took part in the III Annual Russian-American Seminar that was held in Moscow. The seminar was initiated by the Institute for Public Planning (Russia) and the Centre for the National Interest     
   New research technologies and skills of effective communication
June, 25 - Konstantin Abramov delivered a lecture on "New technologies and research skills of effective communication" at the youth forum iVOLGA 2013 (Samara region) of the Volga Federal District. The event was organized by     
   The search for the identity of Russia and of the United States in the modern world
June, 17 - Valery Fedorov took part in the meeting "The search for identity of Russia and of the United States in the modern world" organized by the International discussion club "Valdai" and Georgetown University. The meeting was held in the Mortara Center,     

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