Former Soviet Space – Integrating or Falling Apart?
3-6 April (Chicago, US) – Olga Kamenchuk has moderated a section and presented in the course of Midwest Political Science Association’s 72nd Annual Conference in Chicago. She discussed the recent economic and political developments in the Post-Soviet space based on opinion polls conducted in Russia     
   Situation in Ukraine. On the way towards peaceful settlement
March 6 – Valery Fedorov took part in the open meeting devoted to the topic “Situation in Ukraine. On the way towards peaceful settlement”. The meeting took place at the Russian State Duma.    
   New media – new dimensions
February 14 – Olga Kozhevnikova spoke on “New media – new dimensions” at the education forum “Future of communications’ dedicated to journalists, editors, media and PR representatives. The forum was held in the framework of the last events of the Serebryany Luchnik     
   Economic assessments, forecasts, moods in the beginning of 2014: ruble, savings, purchases
February 6 – The VCIOM`s General Director Valery Fedorov attended the press conference devoted to the economic situation in Russia. How much will the Dollar cost? Is it worth saving in dollars? What do Russians spend money for? Are Russians afraid of losing their jobs? These and other questions     
   Protest moods in Russia and Ukraine: yesterday and today
January 24 – VCIOM`s press conference devoted to the protest moods in Ukraine and Russia was held at the RIA Novosti Agency. Valery Fedorov presented the latest data concerning different issues such as the rise and fall of the white ribbon movement in Russia, Russian protest potential, and Russian     
   Russia and Baltic States in the mirror of the public opinion
January 20 - Valery Fedorov was invited by the International Media-Club A3 to attend the open meeting ‘Russia and Baltic States in the mirror of the public opinion” in Lithuania. The VCIOM`s General Director briefly overviewed the state of the modern Russian sociology and presented the newest     
   National rating of the investment climate in the Russian regions
January 15 – Valery Fedorov took part in the 5th Gaidar Forum acting as a moderator of the roundtable titled “National rating of the investment climate in the Russian regions”.    
   Results of 2013 – Expectations for 2014
December 26 - At the RIA Novosti presidential hall the General Director of the VCIOM Valery Fedorov took part in the press conference where he presented the annual study devoted to the public assessments and views about the year 2013. V. Fedorov told about the events that Russians regarded as the     
   Anti-tobacco law: is it violated?
December 18 – Olga Kamenchuk presented her report titled “Anti-tobacco law: is it violated?” at the VCIOM`s press conference devoted to the attitudes of Russians concerning the anti-smoking law. The chairman of the Board of the International Confederation of Consumer Societies Dmitry Yanin and the     
   Russian environmental policy: challenges and priorities
December 9 – Valery Fedorov participated in the roundtable “Russian environmental policy: challenges and priorities” that took place at the Moskovsky Komsomolets editorial office, Moscow. The minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy also took part in the roundtable. Click here for the     

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