L’indice di fiducia dei cittadini russi nei confronti dei mass medi occidentali è ai minimi storici, fino a toccare la punta del 50%. Significa che un cittadino russo su due non crede ai mass media occidentali
   Between institutional dungeons and the dragons of public opinion: Russian Internet regulation
Gregory Asmolov, a PhD researcher at the LSE, argues that new data from Russia suggest revisiting policies for mitigation of radical Internet regulation, based on his recent paper that explores why Russian public opinion is generally in favour of regulation.
   Mehr als ein Viertel der Russen macht sich für den großen Krieg bereit
Während die pro-russischen Separatisten ihre Truppen in der Ukraine verstärken, denkt US-Präsident Obama über Waffenlieferungen an Kiew nach. Nun wächst in Russland die Sorge, dass es zu einem offenen Krieg kommen könnte - mit fatalen Auswirkungen.
   Łukaszenka gra z Kremlem w jednej drużynie
Nie wierzmy w niezależność Łukaszenki. Białoruski prezydent uzgadnia swą politykę wobec Zachodu z Władimirem Putinem - mówi związany z Kremlem politolog Kiriłł Koktysz.
   Más de un tercio de los rusos teme recortes y despidos, según una encuesta
Moscú, 18 feb (EFECOM).- Más de un tercio de los rusos teme que la crisis económica en el país se traduzca en recortes salariales y despidos, según una encuesta difundida hoy por el Centro de Estudios de la Opinión Pública (VTSIOM, por sus siglas en ruso).
   Anti-Putin Opposition Looks to Russian Spring for Revival
Just before he was jailed for handing out leaflets at a metro station, Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny used his last moments in a Moscow court to record a video urging supporters to join a March 1 protest against President Vladimir Putin.
   Poll: Only 3% of Russians Think West Is Meddling in Ukraine
Despite widespread state news reports that Western governments had been meddling in Ukraine, only 3 percent of Russians think this is true, a respected state pollster said Monday.
MOSCOW, Feb 2 (Reuters) - The following are some of the stories in Russian newspapers on Monday. Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.
   China friendliest country for Russia, the US — most hostile — poll
Russians believe that at the moment their country has the friendliest relations with China, Belarus and Kazakhstan and most hostile relations — with the United States, suggests an opinion poll of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTSIOM) the results of which were made public on Wednesday, TASS announced.
   Over two thirds of Russians aware of Charlie Hebdo attack - poll
More than two thirds of Russians are aware of this month's deadly Islamist attack on the Paris headquarters of French weekly Charlie Hebdo, an opinion poll suggests.

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