Russians Require Minimum Monthly Income of $350, Poll Shows
The minimum monthly income a household needs to make ends meet, according to the average Russian, is 22,755 rubles ($350) per person — nearly 2.5 times more than the official minimum cost of living in Russia
   Most Russians Hold Positive Attitude Towards Soviet Symbols
Most Russians maintain a positive attitude towards symbols connected to the country's Soviet past, a survey conducted by Russia's state-run VTsIOM pollster survey shows.
   Soviet-era symbols still popular in Russia
It is a long time since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, but the symbols representing the system are still very popular in Russia
   Sondaj de opinie VTsIOM: trei din cinci ruși ar fi de acord cu „oprirea Internetului”
Un nou sondaj de opinie arată că trei din cinci ruși ar fi de acord cu „oprirea Internetului” în cazul unei situații excepționale de nivel național
   Russian Poll Shows Strong Support For Internet Censorship
A new poll shows that nearly three-fifths of Russians would support "shutting off the Internet" in the event of a national emergency.
   Opinion: Russia's love for its army
Russia's new naval doctrine is designed to showcase the country's military might. That may impress militarily enthused Russians, but DW's Juri Rescheto wonders whether the ambitious plans can ever be implemented.
   Der Fußball – Russlands Ausrutscher
Niederlagen des Nationalteams kränken Selbstverständnis des WM-Gastgebers – Heute Auslosung der Quali-Gruppen für 2018
   Most Russians Want State to Remain Secular
While 32 percent said the church should not be allowed to interfere in state affairs or society, 14 percent believed it should play an active role in these spheres, VTsIOM found.
In Internet i russi cercano soprattutto musica, film e libri. E solo uno su dieci ammette di frequentare siti porno
   Sessant’anni fa nasceva il Patto di Varsavia
Il 14 maggio 1955 otto Paesi socialisti dell’Europa dell’Est firmavano un “Trattato d’amicizia” contrapposto all’Alleanza Atlantica. Oggi l’89% dei russi confessa: “Quel mondo era più sicuro”.

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