Russians back Georgia rebels' independence-poll
MOSCOW, Aug 27 (Reuters) - A large majority of Russians favoured recognition by Moscow of two breakaway Georgian regions even before President Dmitry Medvedev announced he backed their bid for statehood, according to a new poll.
   Modern views on the Nazi-Soviet pact
In the latest of a series of articles marking the outbreak of World War II 70 years ago, BBC Russian affairs analyst Steven Eke analyses how opinions on the Nazi-Soviet pact have changed over the years.
   City folk go back to the soil
In her bright pink shoes and elegant black trouser suit, Margarita Koledzinskich looks out of place among the potatoes and marrows of her vegetable patch.
   Russians warm to U.S., poll shows before Obama visit
Russians have warmed markedly to the United States under Barack Obama, but still think official ties are poor, a poll showed three days before the U.S. president visits on Monday
   Löhne: Gerechtigkeit in Russlands „Jachtclub“
Wie der Westen nimmt nun auch Russland den Kampf gegen Bonus-Privilegien für Manager auf. Die Staatsanwaltschaft soll gegen Verschwendung von Staatsgehältern helfen, sie durchkämmt staatliche Aufsichtsbehörden.
   AvtoVAZ halts production amid supplier dispute
MOSCOW: AvtoVAZ, Russia's largest car maker, said Wednesday it has stopped production at its main factory once again due to a renewed dispute with parts suppliers.
   Crisis Dents Russian Leaders' Popularity
MOSCOW - The Russian government warned that the recession will be much deeper this year than expected amid the first signs that the widening crisis is beginning to dent the once-bulletproof popularity of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev.
   People, banks, work and housing in terms of financial crisis.
Presentation of Valery Fedorov at Press Conference in the Media Center of the newspaper "Izvestiya"
   Love takes a beating in crisis-hit Russia: poll
MOSCOW (AFP) - The global financial crisis has officially arrived in Russia: in the country of Pushkin and Tolstoy, fewer men and women admit they are in love this year, and only one in five are dating.
   Kirill's balancing act
The Russian Orthodox church's new Patriarch faces several challenges as he comes to power; not least, a fresh wave of questions over the institution's role in everyday life.

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