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  • Overwhelming majority of Russians support the annexation of Crimea
  • Our country should fight for Crimea because historically it has been part of Russia`s territory

Russians support Russia`s annexation of Crimea and considers that Russia should defend its right to possession of this territory.  

MOSCOW, March 24, 2014. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents the attitudes of Russians concerning the territorial status of Crimea.

The overwhelming majority of Russians (93%) support the annexation of Crimea; most of them are supporters of CPRF (98%). Only 4% have negative attitudes towards the idea.

Even if the territorial question were subject of dispute between Russia and Ukraine, most of respondents (80%) would say that Russia should defend its right to posses this territory. Remarkably, today more Russians share this point of view than it was five years ago (80% v 55% in 2009). Currently, only 10% oppose them.

According to 89% of Russians Crimea is part of Russia. Those who share this stance (65%) say that up to 1954 Crimea had been part of Russia (until Khruschev gave it to Ukraine). Besides, 22% of respondents say that many Crimean citizens are Russians. Only 7% of respondents believe that on the whole Crimea is not Russia`s territory.

The VCIOM opinion poll was conducted on March 15-16, 2014. 1600 respondents were interviewed in 130 communities in 42 regions of Russia. Data are weighted by gender, age, education, working status and type of settlement. The margin of error does not exceed 3.4%.

If Crimean citizens decide to join Russia during the referendum, should Russia meet their desire? (close-ended question, one answer)
  Total respondents Supporters of A Just Russia party Supporters of LDPR Supporters of CPRF Supporters of United Russia Supporters of non-parliament parties I would not take part in elections
Definitely yes 63 63 63 64 66 64 57
Rather yes 30 30 30 34 29 27 30
Rather no 3 2 3 2 3 6 7
Definitely no 1 2 1 - - 3 1
Don`t know 3 2 3  - 2 - 5

What Russia should do in case the question of Crimea` s territorial status arises and if it evolves into a conflict between Russia and Ukraine? (close-ended question , one answer)
  2009 8-9.03.2014 15-16.03.2014
Russia must fight for this territory; it is worth it 55 67 80
Russia should not fight for Crimea if it leads to an open confrontation against Western countries ; Crimea is not worth it 23 19 10
Don`t know 25 14 10
Do you agree or disagree with the statement that Crimea is part of Russia`s territory? (close-ended question , one answer)
  8-9.03.2014* 15-16.03.2014
On the whole, yes 86 89
On the whole, it is not Russia`s territory 10 7
Don`t know 3 4

·         A week ago the question was as follows: After the collapse of the USSR many territories populated mainly by Russians were left. Do you think that on the whole that Crimea is part of Russian territory?  


On the whole, Crimea is part of Russia because … (% of those who believe that Crimea is part of Russia)
Crimea had been part of Russia before Khruschev`s decision; historically it is our territory 65
Most of its population is Russians 22
There is Russian fleet there 4
Our ancestors were fighting for this territory 3
Other   1
Don`t know 11

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