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Moscow, April, 20th, 2007. The Russian Public Opinion Research Center presents data on what level of knowledge Russians and inhabitants of EU have.

To evaluate a level of knowledge of respondents, they were offered to define whether the suggested 13 statements correspond to scientific subjects or not. The level of knowledge in Russia appears a bit lower, than that of the European Union: very good scientific knowledge (from 10 up to 13 correct answers) show 22% of Russians and 42% of inhabitants of EU; fairly good knowledge (from 6 up to 9 correct answers) show 51% and 43% correspondingly; bad knowledge (not more than 5 correct answers) show 27% of Russians and 15% of EU inhabitants.

Being interested in science and technology gets on with Russians' belief in God (55%), fate (42), signs (23%), requital for sins (19%), supernatural force (16%), and horoscopes (10%). Only 18% interviewed say that they do not believe in any kind of supernatural forces and the phenomena. In comparison to 2005 the part of those has increased a bit (from 14% up to 18%). The part of those who believe in signs (from 18 % up to 23%), and fatalists (from 35% up to 42%) has simultaneously increased also.

The Russian opinion poll was conducted by VCIOM, April, 14-15th, 2007. 1600 respondents in 153 settlements of 46 regions of Russia were interviewed. The statistical error does not exceed 3,4%.

Do you agree with the following statements? (One answer for each statement)(«+» - correct answer, «-» - incorrect answer, «0» - difficult to say)
The sun rotates around of the Earth6728566294
The center of the Earth is very hot758178677
Oxygen we breathe, is produced by plants8311682144
Radioactive milk can be safe if it is boiled671419751015
Electrons are smaller than atoms482032462925
Continents which we live on, have been moving for millions of years and are continuing their movement in the future728208768
Child's gender is defined by mother's genes462529642016
First human beings were living in the same era as dinosaurs453025662911
Antibiotics kill viruses just as well, as they kill bacteria304525464311
The laser works by focusing sound waves312643472628
All the radio-activity is a product of the mankind305713592714
Modern people have developed from earlier human species611623702010
Earth makes a full circle around the Sun within a month611425661716

*Information about EU is provided by: EuropeansScience and TechnologySpecial Eurobarometer. 2005.


Level of scientific knowlegde
Very good scientific knowledge (from 10 to 13 correct answers)2242
Fairly good scientific knowledge (from 6 to 9 correct answers)5143
Fairly bad scientific knowledge (from 3 to 5 correct answers)2212
Very bad scientific knowledge (from 0 to 2 correct answers)53
What/who do you believe in? (unlimited number of responses)
 2004 г.2005 г.2007 г.
Some kind of supernatural force121516
UFO, aliens657
Witchcraft, magic769
Fate, destiny403542
Requital for sins181819
I do not believe in anything supernatural or phenomenal151418
In difficulty to say122
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