Press release №2335


  • Every second Russians is aware of the Twitter slowdown (50%)
  • They think that the Roskomnadzor accusations are fair (77%).

March 23, 2021. VCIOM presents the findings of a survey on the Russian attitudes to the measure to slow down Twitter imposed by Roskomnadzor in Russia.

Fifty percent of respondents know or have heard something about the Twitter slowdown imposed by Roskomnadzor since March 10; 45% of all respondents expressed their opinions on the topic. 

The Roskomnadzor accusations against Twitter are viewed as fair by 77% of respondents in this group; 23% consider them unfair.

Seventy-three percent of Russians in this group justify a possible step to block Twitter within a month if the networking service fails to delete controversial information. Twenty-seven percent of Russians do not consider this measure reasonable.

Russian nationwide VCIOM-Sputnik survey was conducted on March 18, 2021. A total of 1,600 of Russians aged 18 and older took part in the survey. Results are based on telephone interviews. Stratified dual-frame random sample based on a complete list of Russian landline and mobile phone numbers was used. The data were weighted according to selection probability and social and demographic characteristics. The margin of error at a 95% confidence level does not exceed 2.5%. In addition to sampling error, minor changes to the wording of questions and different circumstances arising during the fieldwork can introduce bias into the survey.

Based on what you know/heard, do you think the Roskomnadzor accusations against Twitter are likely to be fair or unfair? (closed-ended question, one answer, % of those informed about the measure, who could express their attitude toward the Twitter slowdown)
  Total respondents
Likely to be fair 77
Likely to be unfair 23
Roskomnadzor has recently announced to possibly block access to Twitter in Russia if it fails to delete the banned content within a month. In your opinion, are these measures to block Twitter …? (closed-ended question, one answer, % of those informed about  the Twitter network, who could express their attitude toward its possible blocking) 
  Total respondents
Likely to be reasonable 73
Unlikely to be reasonable 27
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