Press release №2130
STATE AND PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS: PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTS. Approval ratings of the key state and public institutions have slightly risen in December. MOSCOW, December 27, 2018. Russian Public Opinion 
   Press release №2129
MONITORING ARMY AND SOCIETY. Russians see improvements in the Russian Armed Forces, especially in weapons upgrade. Approval ratings for the Russian army are close to 90%. MOSCOW, December 26, 2018. 
   Press release №2128
2018 YEAR IN REVIEW: EVENTS, PEOPLE, ASSESSMENTS. EXPECTATIONS FOR 2019. Russians say that the outgoing year was better personally for them and their family members, however the national-scale dynamics 
   Press release №2127
IMMIGRATION TO RUSSIA: BENEFIT OR HARM?. Russians have become more loyal towards immigrants; however they still think that they bring more problems than benefits for the receiving country. MOSCOW, 
   Press release №2126
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Two-thirds of men and four-fifth of women consider violence against women as important problem. MOSCOW, December 11, 2018. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents 
   Press release №2125
RUSSIAN SCIENCE: LEADER OR OUTSIDER. According to respondents, the Russian science is leading in space and military spheres, while health care needs more attention. MOSCOW, December 10, 2018. Russian 
   Press release №2124
ELECTIONS AGAINST THE BACKDROP OF CRIMEA: VIEWS OF THE PAST AND GLIMPSE INTO THE FUTURE. A monograph by VCIOM sociologists devoted to the Russians’ political behavior in the 2016-2018 electoral cycle 
   Press release №2123
BELARUS AND KAZAKHSTAN: RUSSIA’S TOP PARTNERS IN POST-SOVIET SPACE. Russians traditionally consider Belarus and Kazakhstan as the most successful CIS countries and Russia’s key partners.  MOSCOW, 
   Press release №2122
KERCH STRAIT INCIDENT: WHO IS TO BLAME?. Russians primarily blame Ukraine for provoking the Kerch incident, whereas an overwhelming majority of respondents approve of Russia’s behavior.   MOSCOW, 
   Press release №2121
RUSSIAN CONSTITUTION: OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. The most important rights and freedoms declared in the Russian Constitution are social rights to health care, education and social security. MOSCOW, 

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