Press release №2150
TEENS AND SOCIAL NETWORKING. Teenagers say social media do not have any impact on them. Positive content is more in demand on social media. School counselling would help prevent school tragedies in the 
   Press release №2149
BANK CARDS VS CASH: WHAT IS MORE CONVENIENT?. Russian bank card holders mostly use their cards to pay for goods and services and less often to withdraw cash from ATM. MOSCOW, March 1, 2019. Russian 
   Press release №2148
SCHOOL SUBJECTS: WHAT SUBJECT IS PRACTICAL IN LIFE?. Russians say that today compulsory school subjects are more useful and important than they were ten years ago. Mathematics, Russian Language and 
   Press release №2147
ELECTIONS IN UKRAINE: RUSSIANS’ EXPECTATIONS. More than half of Russians consider that the Ukrainian presidential elections will not have any impact on Russia-Ukraine relations. MOSCOW, January 22, 
   Press release №2146
FEBRUARY 23: THE HOLIDAY OF TRUE MEN. As to the gifts for Defender of the Fatherland Day, men’s expectations go against women’s possibilities. MOSCOW, January 22, 2019. Russian Public Opinion 
   Press release №2145
CITIZEN LEADERSHIP: CRITERIA AND QUALITIES. Honesty, hard work and kindness are top positive traits a citizen should have, according to Russians. To be a public leader, it is also important to get a 
   Press release №2144
KURIL INHABITANTS ON THE TERRITORIAL BELONGING OF THEIR “LESSER MOTHERLAND”. The positions of the South Kuril residents coincide: the Kuril Islands are part of Russia MOSCOW, January 19, 2019. Russian 
   Press release №2143
RADIO LISTENING IN RUSSIA. Today’s radio audience covers almost half of Russians aged 18 and over. MOSCOW, February 18, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents the data of a 
   Press release №2142
TROOP WITHDRAWAL FROM AFGHANISTAN: 30 YEARS LATER. Today one-third of Russians consider that the Soviet Union was right to send troops to Afghanistan in 1979.  MOSCOW, February 15, 2019. Russian 
   Press release №2141
MONITORING RUSSIA’S ENVIRONMENTAL SITUATION. Air pollution and landfills are top Russian environmental concerns.  MOSCOW, February 6, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) 

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