Press release №2140
TERRITORIAL DISPUTE IN RUSSIAN-JAPANESE TALKS: OPINIONS OF THE KURIL ISLANDS RESIDENTS. An absolute majority of the Kuril residents oppose the handover of the islands to Japan. They say that this 
   Press release №2139
CONSUMER PLANS FOR 2019. Every tenth Russian is going to buy a car or a house/apartment this year. Last year the same purchases were made by 9% and 6% of Russians, respectively. MOSCOW, January 31, 
   Press release №2138
EXPLOSION IN MAGNITOGORSK: WHO IS TO BLAME?. Russians put the blame for the explosion on the public utilities and the tenants themselves. MOSCOW, January 29, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research 
   Press release №2137
KURIL ISLANDS: NO RETURN. Russians consider the Kuril Islands dispute settled and oppose their transfer to Japan. MOSCOW, January 28, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents the 
   Press release №2136
EURASIAN INTEGRATION: FORMS, OBJECTIVES, AND CONSEQUENCES. Russians would like to see the Eurasian Economic Union as an organization aiming at economic cooperation between the 
   Press release №2135
STUDENT’S DAY: WHAT FOR TO STUDY?. According to Russians, the most important thing to do for a student is to become a professional. MOSCOW, January 25, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research Center 
   Press release №2134
CONFIDENCE IN POLITICAL LEADERS; APPROVALS OF GOVERNMENT BODIES’ PERFORMANCE, PARTIES’ RATINGS. Approvals of the presidential performance are at 62.1%; approvals of the Russian government are at 
   Press release №2133
GIFTED CHILDREN: WHO ARE THEY AND WHAT AWAITS THEM?. The survey suggests that Russians consider gifted both those children who persistently develop their skills and those who have unique features and 
   Press release №2132
RUSSIAN NATURE RESERVES: BEEN THERE!. According to Russians, first and foremost, nature reserves are important to preserve biodiversity and rare species. MOSCOW, January 16, 2019. Russian Public 
   Press release №2131
CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Most of Russians try to save on water and gas bills and use energy-saving lamps but they are reluctant to participate in green activities and donate to nature 

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