Press release №2118
ALCOHOL SALE: WHAT IS AN OPTIMAL AGE OF CONSENT. Most of Russians support an initiative to increase the age limit from 18 to 21 for buying alcohol.  MOSCOW, November 27, 2018. Russian Public 
   Press release №2117
SOCIAL JUSTICE IN RUSSIA. More than half of respondents consider that the level of social justice has not changed over a year. The survey findings show that to strengthen social justice the state needs 
   Press release №2116
FIRST WORLD WAR IN THE HISTORICAL MEMORY OF RUSSIANS. Over the recent years Russians have discovered more details about the WWI which has been in the shadow of the revolution and the Civil 
   Press release №2115
PERSONAL DATA ON THE INTERNET: OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS. An overwhelming majority of respondents spot threat in sharing personal data with third parties  online and have negative attitudes towards 
   Press release №2114
KEEP YOUR CHIN UP, SPACEMEN!. Russians are confident that space program is important and still consider that Russia is a leader in space exploration. MOSCOW, October 29, 2018. Russian Public Opinion 
   Press release №2113
ASSIGNING NAMES TO RUSSIAN AIRPORTS. Half of inhabitants of the regions participating in the Great Names of Russia project would like their local airport to be named after a famous Russian. MOSCOW, 
   Press release №2112
PRESTIGE AND INCOME: WHAT PROFESSIONS DO RUSSIANS CHOOSE?. The prestige of the following four professions - doctor, teacher, IT engineer and serviceman – has considerably risen over the recent six 
   Press release №2111
KERCH TRAGEDY: WHO IS TO BLAME AND WHAT TO DO?. The main recommendation following the Kerch massacre is to improve security capacities in educational institutions. To change approaches towards student 
   Press release №2110
VOLUNTEERING: HOW DO WE HELP EACH OTHER?. The most popular volunteer activities for Russians are to participate in Saturday cleanups, to raise money or gather items for people in need or to transfer 
   Press release №2109
RECIPE FOR SUCCESS. Education, character and goal orientation are three main components of success in Russia. Money and connections have lower importance. MOSCOW, October 19, 2018. Russian Public 

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