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RUSSIA – U.S.A.: NEW PRESIDENT, OLD PROBLEMS. MOSCOW, April 15, 2021. Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VCIOM) presents the data of a survey describing how Russians assess the recent presidential 
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COSMONAUTICS DAY. April 12, 2021. VCIOM presents the data of a survey devoted to Cosmonautics Day. As eleven years ago, 69% of Russians are aware when the first human flight into space was made – 
   Press release №2336
INTERNET AND CHILDREN: OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS. March 22, 2021. The following information describes the findings of a survey about the Russian perceptions of the Internet and possible 
   Press release №2335
TWITTER SLOWING DOWN: RUSSIAN OPINIONS. March 23, 2021. VCIOM presents the findings of a survey on the Russian attitudes to the measure to slow down Twitter imposed by Roskomnadzor in Russia. Fifty 
   Press release №2334
VACCINE/IMMUNITY PASSPORTS FOR INTERNATIONAL TOURISTS: PRO ET CONTRA. March 31, 2021. VCIOM presents the results of a nationwide survey about the public attitudes towards vaccine passports. A vast 
   Press release №2333
SOCIAL MEDIA AND CENSORSHIP: PRO ET CONTRA. March 16, 2021. The information presented below illustrates results of a survey on social media censorship and the Russian opinions on the topic. Most of 
   Press release №2332
A MONITORING STUDY OF RUSSIAN MEDIA CONSUMPTION. March 3, 2021. The results of a survey presented below illustrate the TV and Internet consumption among Russians. More than half of Russians actively 
   Press release №2331
RUSSIAN OPERATING SYSTEM: WHY NOT?. March 9, 2021. Below are the results of a survey devoted to the attitudes of Russians towards a possibility of domestically produced operating system. Computer 
   Press release №2330
CRIMEA: SEVEN YEARS WITH RUSSIA. March 11, 2021. Below are the results of a survey describing the Russian attitudes to the Crimea’s incorporation and its consequences for Russia. The basic feeling 
   Press release №2329
MIKHAIL GORBACHEV AND HIS ROLE IN HISTORY. MARCH 2, 2021. The data below represent the results of a survey describing the Russian opinions on Mikhail Gorbachev and the consequences of his activities to 

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