Press release №1967
IF A WAR BREAKS OUT…. The VCIOM-Sputnik survey data suggest that Russia’s potential military rivals are the U.S. and Ukraine, and allies - Belarus, China and Kazakhstan. MOSCOW, June 28, 2017. The 
   Press release №1966
VALUES OF THE MODERN YOUTH. According to the latest VCIOM-Sputnik survey, modern young people are communicative, tidy, active, sport-loving and have materialistic value orientations. MOSCOW, June 27, 
   Press release №1965
DRUG ADDICTION IN RUSSIA: SCOPE OF THE PROBLEM AND WAYS OUT. A rise in drug use and public support for more severe punishment for drug abuse were revealed during the VCIOM-Sputnik survey. MOSCOW, June 
   Press release №1964
TOBACCO SMOKING: EXISTING MEASURES ARE SUFFICIENT. According to the data of the VCIOM-Sputnik daily omnibus survey, the Russian population is skeptical about introduction of plain cigarette 
   Press release №1963
EXTERNAL MILITARY THREAT TO RUSSIA: A BREAK ON THE WAY. The anxiety over military attack on Russia has considerably decreased, as the VCIOM-Sputnik daily omnibus survey shows. Simultaneously, 
   Press release №1962
BLOGGER – PREDESTINATION OR PROFESSION?. According to the VCIOM-Sputnik data, the term “blogger” has become part of our everyday life; however today bloggers are perceived not as enthusiast writers but 
   Press release №1961
PATRIOTS AND NON-PATRIOTIC BEHAVIOR. The VCIOM-Sputnik daily omnibus survey suggests that today more Russians are tolerant to certain actions that were previously perceived as non-patriotic. At the 
   Press release №1960
LIFE PRIORITIES OF RUSSIANS: FAMILY, CHILDREN, OR CREATIVE ACTIVITIES?. Over more than ten years, health, family well-being and safety has been of great importance for Russians, as the VCIOM-Sputnik 
   Press release №1959
SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES: WHO USES THEM AND WHAT FOR?. Humor and sport for young people, and news and healthy tips for older generations – this is what the social media preferences of Russians are.  
   Press release №1958
MONITORING THE SMOKING SITUATION IN RUSSIA. Since the adoption of the ban on smoking, the number of smokers in Russia has decreased. According to the VCIOM-Sputnik daily survey, today 79% of tobacco 

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