Press release №2011
CHILDHOOD VACCINATION: MANDATORY OR OPTIONAL?. Most of parents retain their right to solve if their children need vaccinations or not. An initiative to punish those parents who refuse a vaccination was 
   Press release №2010
KSENIA SOBCHAK: A CANDIDATE AGAINST ALL. Ksenia Sobchak has high popularity but the public attitudes towards her are extremely negative. Indeed, she is a candidate “against all”, or at least “not for 
   Press release №2009
CRIMEA AS AN APPLE OF DISCORD: TO PAY FOR IT OR TO FORGET ABOUT IT?. Russians do not favor the Milos Zeman’s idea to make Russia pay Ukraine the “compensation” for the Crimea’s incorporation. MOSCOW, 
   Press release №2008
FUTURE PREPAREDNESS INDEX: FIRST 20 RANKINGS OF COUNTRIES. Germany is ranked first in terms of future preparedness. Russia holds 12th position among twenty countries.  MOSCOW, October 18, 2017. 
   Press release №2007
UNION OF EQUALS, OR HOW THE MODERN FAMILY IS ORGANIZED. Views on strict distribution of family duties and household chores between men and women are a thing of the past. MOSCOW, October 17, 2017. The 
   Press release №2006
CATALONIA REFERENDUM: RUSSIAN OPINION. Most of Russians consider that Russia should be neutral in the conflict between Madrid and Barcelona. MOSCOW, October 13, 2017. The Russian Public Opinion 
   Press release №2005
WAR IN SYRIA: WHAT SHOULD RUSSIA DO?. The situation in Syria is evolving in the right direction; Russian Airspace Troops have proven to be effective. But Russians are divided in their opinions on 
   Press release №2004
OCTOBER REVOLUTION: 1917-2017. The memory of the October Revolution is likely to split Russians rather than to bring them together. The only common thing both for supporters and opponents of the 
   Press release №2003
LOOSE LIPS SINK BIG SHIPS!. An initiative of the Ministry of Defense to introduce restrictions on the military staff concerning the information they post on social networking sites is supported by more 
   Press release №2002
RUSSIAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP: PUBLIC TRUST, OBSTACLES AND SUCCESS FACTORS. Russians treat entrepreneurs more favorably, though they trust them less than politicians.  MOSCOW, October 9, 2017. The 

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