Press release №1947
TRUMP’S AMERICA: NEITHER FRIEND, NOR ENEMY…?. The recent developments have had a negative impact on the public attitudes towards president Trump. Approximately a third of Russians think that a military 
   Press release №1946
ST PETERSBURG TERRORIST ATTACK: FIRST ASSESSMENTS. The St Petersburg metro explosion drew a wide response among Russians but it did not lead to panic, according to VCIOM-Sputnik daily omnibus 
   Press release №1945
BANNING SOCIAL MEDIA?. Russians expressed their opinion on a legislative initiative regarding social media. MOSCOW, April 10, 2017. The Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents the 
   Press release №1944
WITHOUT THE INTERNET. According to the VCIOM-Sputnik omnibus survey results, the life of every fourth Russian would dramatically change, if the Internet disappeared forever. MOSCOW, April 7, 2017. 
   Press release №1943
UKRAINE VS. RUSSIAN BANKS: WHAT TO DO?. Every second Russian thinks that Moscow should respond to Kiev’s discriminatory policies towards Russian banks. MOSCOW, April 5, 2017. The Russian Public 
   Press release №1942
ALEXANDER LUKASHENKO: A PORTRAIT. VCIOM-Sputnik daily omnibus survey data suggest that most of Russians have positive emotions about the Belarusian president but they are more categorical when 
   Press release №1941
RUSSIA-UKRAINE: OPPOSITE POLICY DIRECTIONS. Amid aggressive actions by Kiev authorities, more Russians feel compassion towards citizens of Donbass, according to the VCIOM-Omnibus survey 
   Press release №1940
RUSSIAN COUNTER-SANCTIONS: DEFENDING!. The share of Russians who now see more harm than benefits from Russian counter-sanctions has increased from 9% to 26%. Nevertheless, more than two-thirds of 
   Press release №1939
SOCIOLOGISTS ABOUT THE FUTURE. Participants of the VII Grushin Conference proposed approaches to exploring the future of society, the challenges it faces and the opportunities it provides. MOSCOW, 
   Press release №1938
WESTERN SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA. The data of the Sputnik daily omnibus survey show that the Western sanctions policy has not achieved its goals: Russians have adapted to the current situation and do 

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