Press release №1929
RUSSIA-BELARUS: THAW? STAGNATION? RESET?. According to Sputnik daily omnibus survey, despite friendly relations and bilateral partnership, Russians are rather categorical in providing discounted energy 
   Press release №1928
“WOMEN FALL IN LOVE THROUGH THEIR EARS”. According to the Sputnik daily omnibus survey data, Russian women choose men based on honesty, kindness and reliability. MOSCOW, February 13, 2017. In 
   Press release №1927
IMMIGRANTS FROM THE CIS COUNTRIES TO RUSSIA: WE LIKE THEM BUT… DO NOT WELCOME THEM.. Simplification of citizenship procedures for the CIS immigrants as well as an initiative to grant amnesty to illegal 
   Press release №1926
PRESIDENT, PEOPLE, AND THE MEDIA: COMMUNICATION TRIANGLE. “Sputnik” daily omnibus survey suggests that the opinion of the head of the state is important to Russians, and they would like to know the 
   Press release №1925
RUSSIA-CHINA-USA: STRATEGIC TRIANGLE RELATIONS. Sputnik daily omnibus survey shows that most of Russians still treat China as Russia’s partner and friendly neighbor. However the information concerning 
   Press release №1924
DIMA YAKOVLEV LAW: ISN’T IT TIME TO ABOLISH IT?. According to the “Sputnik” daily omnibus survey, Russians still consider the law banning the adoption of Russian children by U.S. citizens to be 
   Press release №1923
BIDDING FAREWELL TO 2016: WORLD POLITICAL EVENTS VIEWED BY RUSSIANS. Brexit has become the top-rated event for Russians in 2016; it is followed by the U.S. elections and military conflict in Syria. 
   Press release №1922
WE DO NOT SMOKE AND DO NOT ADVISE OTHERS TO SMOKE!. The measure introduced in Russia to combat smoking gave positive effects, respondents say. Against this background, the initiative of the Russian 
   Press release №1921
“IF HE BEATS YOU, HE LOVES YOU”: RUSSIANS ABOUT THE DECRIMINALIZATION OF BATTERY WITHIN THE FAMILY. Most of Russians condemn domestic violence but support the initiative to soften punishment for the 
   Press release №1920
CORRUPTION: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. Russians think that the most adequate measures to fight against bribery among individuals and organizations are to impose fines, to ban from holding leadership 

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