Press release №2109
RECIPE FOR SUCCESS. Education, character and goal orientation are three main components of success in Russia. Money and connections have lower importance. MOSCOW, October 19, 2018. Russian Public 
   Press release №2108
THE 1993 CRISIS: TWENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER. As before, Russians consider that the 1993 constitutional crisis was caused by the split within the political elite rather than struggle between the supporters 
   Press release №2107
A MEMORY OF THE 20th CENTURY PURGES. Most of those whose relatives were victims of the purge got to know about political persecution from the stories told by their relatives.   MOSCOW, October 
   Press release №2106
APPROVAL RATINGS OF POLITICIANS, PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS, RATING OF POLITICAL PARTIES. Presidential approval rating is 63.2%; the Russian Government’s rating is 41.2%. MOSCOW, October 5, 2018. Russian 
   Press release №2105
PAPER VS SCREEN. Digital format is popular among those who prefer news stories and professional literature, while the fiction literature is mostly preferred in paper format. MOSCOW, October 4, 2018. 
   Press release №2104
SAVINGS AND US DOLLAR EXCHANGE RATE: MONITORING. Russians are still highly interested in US dollar rate fluctuations; they still expect the Russian ruble to weaken. MOSCOW, October 2, 2018. Russian 
   Press release №2103
HARMLESS ALCOHOL: MYTH OR REALITY?. More than one-third of Russians say that they live a sober lifestyle. Half of alcohol consumers have decreased the amounts of alcohol over a year. MOSCOW, 
   Press release №2102
SURFING THE INTERNET: FOR WORK OR ENTERTAINMENT?. Most of users visit the Internet for professional or academic purposes. Russians also find it hard to do without listening to their favorite music, 
   Press release №2101
WHAT DO RUSSIANS READ?. Reading news on social media and in mass media sources is the most popular reading activity among Russians. MOSCOW, September 18, 2018. Russian Public Opinion Research Center 
   Press release №2100
ALCOHOLISM AND HOW TO FIGHT IT. Ban on selling alcohol to persons under the age of 21 and promoting healthy lifestyle are the anti-alcohol measures favored by most of Russians. MOSCOW, September 14, 

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