Press release №2180
RUSSIAN DREAM OF SPACE. Today’s youth are dreaming of space more than the Gagarin generation. MOSCOW, June 3, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents the findings of a survey 
   Press release №2179
2019 EUROVISION AS VIEWED BY RUSSIAN TV AUDIENCE. More than one-third of respondents believe that the final evaluation of Sergey Lazarev was biased. MOSCOW, May 23, 2019. Russian Public Opinion 
   Press release №2178
CITY AND CHURCH: VCIOM’S SURVEY IN YEKATERINBURG. Most of Yekaterinburg inhabitants think that the public garden near the Drama Theatre is not a good pace to build a church. They say that another 
   Press release №2177
AIRPLANE ACCIDENT AT SHEREMETYEVO: TRAGIC COINCIDENCE OR PILOT ERROR?. Most of respondents think that the accident at Sheremetyevo airport was a tragic coincidence. The next popular version is a pilot 
   Press release №2176
WHAT DO YOU SMOKE?. Today every third inhabitant of large Russian cities is a smoker. Most of smokers choose ordinary cigarettes. MOSCOW, May 21, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) 
   Press release №2175
CONFIDENCE IN POLITICAL LEADERS; GOVERNMENT PERFORMANCE APPROVALS; RATING OF PARTIES. Presidential approval rating is at 65.3%; the government approval rating is at 43.2%. MOSCOW, May 17, 2019. 
   Press release №2174
HARD WORK, POVERTY AND OLD AGE ARE THREE MAIN CAUSES OF DISEASES. When feeling ill, more Russians go to private medical centers now. MOSCOW, May 6, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) 
   Press release №2173
VICTORY DAY: GRATITUDE TO THE VETERANS. Victory Day is the most popular Russian holiday. Year by year more Russians take part in the Immortal Regiment march. MOSCOW, May 7, 2019. Russian Public 
   Press release №2172
LIFE WITHOUT INTERNET: PARADISE OR APOCALYPSIS?. Internet penetration is on in Russia; more Russians say they are not able to live without the Internet.  MOSCOW, May 6, 2019. Russian Public 
   Press release №2171
CELEBRATING EASTER. Not only Orthodox Christians but also adherents of other religions and non-believers are going to color eggs and make Easter cakes to celebrate Easter. MOSCOW, April 26, 2019. 

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