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TOWARDS HELSINKI SUMMIT: A CAUTIOUS HOPE. Every third Russian expects that Putin’s meeting with Trump will bring positive results. MOSCOW, July 9, 2018. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) 
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RUSSIAN EMIGRATION MOODS – 2018. Every third respondent aged 18-24 would like to leave Russia permanently. The referred destination might be Germany, the USA and Spain.   MOSCOW, July 2, 
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“FATHERS” AND “SONS”: YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW. Today young people independently choose their life path abandoning the lifestyle of their parents. Older generation, in turn, tries to take into 
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DRUG ADDICTION IN RUSSIA. Most of Russians adopt a tough stance on drug abuse: 80-90% are confident that the problem of drug addiction needs to be tackled, and legalizing even soft drugs is not 
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MEMORY OF WAR: HISTORY AND MYTHS. Over the last few years the interest of Russians in the Great Patriotic War has intensified. MOSCOW, June 22, 2018. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) 
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WESTERN SANCTIONS. The share of respondents who see positive impacts of anti-Russian sanctions (economic development and import substitution) overweighs the number of those who notice negative impacts. 
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KOREA AND RUSSIA – PROSPECTS FOR FUTURE COOPERATION. Russians and South Koreans positively assess the prospects for strategic partnership. South Korea is getting more and more attractive to 
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2018 DIRECT LINE WITH VLADIMIR PUTIN: FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Sixty-one percent of Russians are aware of the content of Direct Line. The most discussed question is fuel prices. MOSCOW, June 15, 2018. 
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HOSPITABLE AND WARM-HEARTED OR LAZY AND UNSOBER: WHAT RUSSIANS THINK ABOUT THEMSELVES?. Young Russians are more critical about their fellow countrymen, while older generations see more positive 
   Press release №2072
ALEXEY KUDRIN AND THE FUTURE OF THE ACCOUNTS CHAMBER. Russians’ expectations from the work of the Accounts Chamber headed by Kudrin are moderately positive. MOSCOW, June 4, 2018. Russian Public 

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