Press release №2094
SOUTH OSSETIA: TEN YEARS AFTER THE WAR. Russians consider that the decision to recognize the independence of South Ossetia was right. The Russia-Georgia relations show positive dynamics. MOSCOW, 
   Press release №2093
RUSSIA VIEWED BY FOREIGNERS: WORLD CUP LEGACY. Russians consider that foreign visitors have felt a sense of “respect”, “admiration” and “liking” towards Russia after the World Cup. MOSCOW, August 9, 
   Press release №2092
PAY FOR SUBSCRIPTION AND WATCH IT?. Russians consider that in order to combat the distribution of unauthorized copies of movies on the Internet it is important to decrease prices to let people download 
   Press release №2091
VEGETARIANISM: PRO ET CONTRA. At the moment, only every hundredth Russian aged 18 and over do not eat meat as a matter of principle. MOSCOW, August 2, 2018. Russian Public Opinion Research Center 
   Press release №2090
GMO, HIV, VACCINATION: MYTH AND REALITY. Russians tend to have sober views of GMO, HIV infection and vaccines. MOSCOW, July 31, 2018. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents the data 
   Press release №2089
SCIENCE AND SOCIETY: PRESTIGE AND TRUST. Despite trust in science and occupational prestige, an overwhelming majority of Russians share antiscientific views and suspect scientists of hiding the truth 
   Press release №2088
IVF IS NORMAL. Russians are poorly informed about possibilities of in vitro fertilization and consider this reproduction technique appropriate under certain circumstances.   MOSCOW, July 
   Press release №2087
2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: A BIG SUCCESS!. According to Russians, hosting the World Cup has had a positive effect on the country’s image.   MOSCOW, July 25, 2018. Russian Public Opinion Research 
   Press release №2086
HELSINKI SUMMIT: THE LINE IS MARKED. More than one-third of Russians consider that the US-Russia relations will improve after the Putin’s meeting with Trump.   MOSCOW, July 23, 2018. Russian 
   Press release №2085
2018 WORLD CUP RESULTS. Russians actively followed the tournament and incessantly supported the host team. MOSCOW, July 18, 2018. Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents the data of a 

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