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CHRISTMAS: A HOLIDAY FOR EVERYONE. Three-quarters of Russians are going to celebrate the Orthodox Christmas; 85% of Russians usually congratulate their family and friends on this holiday. MOSCOW, 
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WHAT RUSSIANS ASK FATHER FROST IN 2019?. With the New Year approaching, Russians ask Father Frost health, well-being and happiness. MOSCOW, December 30, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research Centre 
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RESULTS OF 2019: EVENTS, PERSONALITIES, ASSESSMENTS, AND EXPECTATIONS FOR 2020. Russians are more positive about the future. The share of Russians who have hopes and expect changes for the better, both 
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RUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN RELATIONS: TOWARDS REALISM. Russian Public Opinion Research Center and Center for Current Policy (CCP) present a joint study following the Normandy Four Summit held in France on 
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“BAD PEACE” OR “GOOD WAR”?. The topic of domestic violence is widely discussed in the Russian society and evokes strong emotions in respondents. MOSCOW, December 16, 2019. Russian Public Opinion 
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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND BUSINESS: ANY RELATIONSHIP?. Most of the surveyed entrepreneurs are aware of artificial intelligence; however half of them are not going to use this technology in their 
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RUSSIAN PROTEST MOODS. MOSCOW, December 11, 2019. Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VCIOM) presents the data of a monitoring survey describing protest moods of Russians. More than half of 
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HEROES OF OUR TIME: DOCTOR, RESCUER AND MILITARY MAN. A hero of our time is someone who is honest, decent and fair-minded. At the professional level, this could be a doctor, an EMEROCM rescuer or a 
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VOLUNTEERS: HEROES OF NOWADAYS. The number of volunteers keeps increasing, according to 73% of Russians. This share has tripled over eleven years.   MOSCOW, December 5, 2019. Russian Public 
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INTERNATIONAL DAY OF DISABLED PERSONS - 2019. More than half of respondents say that the Russian attitudes towards persons with disabilities have improved; every fifth considers that the government 

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