Press release №2208
SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SITUATION IN CRIMEA BEFORE THE ELECTION. Most of Crimeans are satisfied with the current situation in their republic and the performance of Sergey Aksenov. Respondents are highly 
   Press release №2207
RUSSIANS ABOUT WORLD WAR II: CAUSES, ALLIES, ENEMIES. Russians consider that the Soviet Union’s contribution to WWII was enormous; however only one-third of respondents could name the date for the 
   Press release №2206
FLAG, ANTHEM, COAT OF ARMS: EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW. Most of Russians are proud of the Russian national symbols and think everyone should know them. MOSCOW, August 22, 2019.  Russian Public 
   Press release №2205
VIDEOGAMES AND WHO PLAYS THEM. Every fifth respondent aged 18 and over has tried playing video games. The most frequent gamers are persons aged 18-24 (40%). Video games’ popularity among Russians 
   Press release №2204
ORTHODOXY AND BAPTISM. Russians consider that the rite of baptism is important to become familiar with the Orthodox Christianity. Almost every Orthodox adherent went through it. MOSCOW, August 14, 
   Press release №2203
SOFTWARE SPECIALISTS FROM RUSSIA. Russian software specialists are the best; their software programs can compete globally. The number of those Russians who want their children to become software 
   Press release №2202
NUCLEAR WAS: A REAL THREAT OR A MYTH?. Today most of Russians are not afraid of a nuclear war much. They say nuclear threat primarily comes from the U.S.A. MOSCOW, August 6, 2019. Russian Public 
   Press release №2201
RATING OF RUSSIAN LARGEST EMPLOYERS. Good salary, commitments towards employees are top criteria Russians pay attention to when choosing an employer; top three Russian employers are Gazprom, RZhD and 
   Press release №2200
“RUSSIA HAS TWO ALLIES – ITS ARMY AND FLEET”. According to the survey, the Russian Navy is the strongest in the world; this opinion has strengthened in recent years. MOSCOW, July 31, 2019. Russian 
   Press release №2199
E-PASSPORTS: A MATTER OF TRUST. 85% of Russians have heard of the idea to introduce e-passports but most of respondents are not ready to use them and point to various vulnerabilities. MOSCOW, July 

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