Press release №1939
SOCIOLOGISTS ABOUT THE FUTURE. Participants of the VII Grushin Conference proposed approaches to exploring the future of society, the challenges it faces and the opportunities it provides. MOSCOW, 
   Press release №1938
WESTERN SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA. The data of the Sputnik daily omnibus survey show that the Western sanctions policy has not achieved its goals: Russians have adapted to the current situation and do 
   Press release №1937
CRIMEA AND SEVASTOPOL: THREE YEARS WITH RUSSIA. According to the VCIOM-Sputnik daily omnibus survey data, the “Crimea is ours-2014” rush that started three years ago when the historic reunification 
   Press release №1936
RUSSIA IS A GREAT POWER. The data of the VCIOM-Omnibus daily survey show that more and more Russians perceive Russia as one of the most influential countries in the world.  MOSCOW, March 15, 
   Press release №1935
EUROVISION SONG CONTEST IN KIEV: PARTICIPATING OR BOYCOTTING?. VCIOM-Sputnik daily omnibus survey data show that the Russian interest in the Eurovision Song Contest is decreasing. But Russian candidate 
   Press release №1934
HOW TO PUNISH FOR SMALL BRIBES?. Most of Russians say that minor bribery is a sign of organizational failure in general rather than a single briber’s amorality. But one should punish the guilty, not 
   Press release №1933
WHO IS THE PRETTIEST?. VCIOM-SPUTNIK daily omnibus survey data suggest that the most beautiful women are close women (mothers, sisters, wives, and girlfriends). To bring joy to them on the Women’s Day 
   Press release №1932
BELARUSIAN PRODUCTS: PRICE AND QUALITY. As Sputnik daily omnibus survey suggests, many Russians like and buy Belarusian products, however attempts to import banned items from Belarus into Russia are 
   Press release №1931
PERCEPTIONS OF THE RUSSIAN ARMY. A record number of Russians want their relatives to serve in the army.   MOSCOW, February 21, 2017. In Anticipation of the Defender’s Day, Russian Public Opinion 
   Press release №1930
WAR IN DONBASS: WHO IS TO BLAME AND WHAT TO DO?. According to the Sputnik omnibus survey data, amidst aggravating situation in Donbass, Russian compassion towards its inhabitants has 

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