Socio-economic studies

Socio-economic research is one of the most important areas of activity at VCIOM. Here we study the phenomena that lie at the intersection of the social and economic spheres of society. Moreover, while conducting marketing and socio-political research there is a need for information about the level of socio-economic development, the population’s quality of life (urban, rural, etc.), local problems, and the peculiarities of people’s economic behavior. The main source of such information is social research.

Social research conducting by VCIOM is intricate and comprehensive. Studies are directed towards the analysis of complicated social processes in Russia and examine the spectrum of problems concerning changes in social structure and the configuration of social consciousness.

Subjects for Socio-economic Research in VCIOM include:

  • Changes in Russian values
  • Family structure (transformation of the family institution, attitude towards the problem of orphans, perception of adoption)
  • Satisfaction with living conditions, housing and communal services, and the attitude of Russians to changes in the housing sphere
  • Assessment of educational service quality (public schools, vocational training, higher education), and changes in the educational sphere
  • Quality of medical services
  • The realization of national projects
  • The perception and extent of corruption in Russia

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