1. 1. PLENARY SESSION "Towards the future. Forecasting in sociological research. " Statements of the heads of  leading research companies in Russia

RANGE OF ACTIVITIES The main themes. "Forecasting in the sociological research"

  1. 2. Overview Lecture - address by the President of the International Academy of Research for the Future, Ph.D.  (Economics) A.I.Ageeva "Major global trends of technological development and the possible social consequences"
  2. 3. Panel Discussion "What will be the society of the future?". The event is held in conjunction with the "Valdai Club",  program director Yu.Baskakova (VTsIOM)
  3. 4. Section "The future is near - I. Studies of youth and children as a way to look into the future of society." Program Director Yu.Zubok (ISPR)
  4. 5. Section "The future is near - II. Transformation of gender roles: from past to future " (Dedicated to the creation of the Women's Support Fund in technological sciences and the 25th anniversary of gender studies in Russia). Partner section of the Federation of Women with university education.
  5. 6. Section  "The future is near - III. Studies of innovative social practices and their propagation mechanisms. " Program Director L.Pautova (FOM)
  6. 7. Section "The forecast of the consequences of the reforms. On the test of legislative initiatives and management decisions. " Program section team in its formative stages.
  7. 8. Section "The image of the future Russian elite groups and public opinion."Program Director Maria Shklyaruk (CSR). The event was organized and carried out in cooperation with the Center for Strategic Research


  1. 9. Section "Sociology of the Internet." Together with the Center for Internet and Society study, SBG. Permanent partner section of the conference. The theme of the year: "The Internet as a habitat, virtuality as a lifestyle. Trends and social consequences. " Program Director I.Klimov
  2. 10. Section "The demographic future of Russia." Program Director Rybal'chenko S. (Institute of scientific and public examination), E. Mikhailov (VTsIOM).
  3. 11. Section "The mobility of the population: the development potential or threat to stability."Together with RANHiGS constant affiliate section of the conference. Program Director E.Mihaylova (VTsIOM) and V.Ledeneva (RANHiGS)
  4. 12. Panel discussion “ Prospects for the development of international relations: the methodology for measuring and social practice " , jointly with FADH of Russia, a permanent partner of the conference section. Program Director S.Haykin (Insomar)
  5. 13. Section "The future of our cities. The use of sociological tools in the formation of urban spaces. " Program Director V.Zvonovsky (Foundation for social studies, Samara)
  6. 14. Section "Future Technologies: Forecasting humanitarian risks". Partner section of the Institute of Philosophy, RAS. Program section team in its formative stages.
  7. 15. Section "The future of the world of work." Program Director: V.Bobkov (All-Russian Center of living standards), E.Mihaylova (VTsIOM)
  8. 16. Section "Improving the skills and competencies of clients in matters of social and political forecasting." Together with RANHiGS constant affiliate section of the conference. Program Director N.Kalmykov (Expert-Analytical Center RANHiGS)
  9. 17. Roundtable "Reputation audit: the past and the future of communications." Program Director L.Glazova (PR News)

CONTINUOUS LINE OF EVENTS "Flowering variety of methods"

  1. 18. Roundtable "What will be the survey of the future?". Program Director Yu. Baskakova (VTsIOM)
  2. 19. Section "Expert forecast: possibilities and limitations." Program Director I.Zadorin (TSIRCON), V.Rimsky (INDEM)
  3. 20. Panel discussion "Qualitative methodology as a social forecasting resource: possibilities and limitations." Program Director: V. Semionov (IP RAN) E.Rozhdestvenskaya (HSE)
  4. 21. Section "New methods and advanced technology research." Program Director A.Shashkin (OMI), A.Mavletova (HSE)
  5. 22. Section "Look into the crystal ball: the future of the electoral and political forecasting." Program Director Yu.Baskakova (VTsIOM)
  6. 23. Section "Visualization of research data and its place in the service economy of the future." Together with the FOM, the constant partner of the conference section. Program Director L.Pautova (FOM), A.Nikonov (FOMRU)
  7. 24. Section "Behavioral economics of today and the formation of the markets of the future."Program Director G.Imaeva (NAFI)
  8. 25. Section "Models of forecasting consumer behavior." Program Director A.Kutlaliev (GfK-Russia)


  1. 26. Section "Market Research". Together with the Group of 7/89, the constant partner of the conference section. The theme of the year: "Forecasting the development of the research sector in Russia."Program Director S.Protsenko ( "Business Format", Rostov-on-Don)
  2. 27. Roundtable "Being ethical is problematic?". Program Director Yu.Baskakova (VTsIOM)
  3. 28. Roundtable "Research company: present and future organizational model." Program Director R.Abramov (HSE)
  4. 29. Roundtable "The Russian researchers in the global community." Program Director E.Ponarin (LSSR HSE), A.Andreenkova (TsESSI), A.Ruzanov (BRIF, Kazakhstan)
  5. 30. Roundtable "Professional standards" Specialist in sociological and marketing research. " Program Director K. Abramov (VTsIOM), M. Tsapko (Russian State Humanitarian University).
  6. 31. Discussion of the results of foresight session "The research industry: a step into the future."Senior Project Coordinator: E.Klimanova (Delphi). Program team being formed.
  7. 32. Section "Looking to the future: the theory and practice of scientific forecasting” (Remote access format). Program Director T. Guzhavina (ISEDT RAS, Vologda). Location and time: Vologda ISEDT RAS; March 13 at 14:00.
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