Omnibus study (“Express”)

Every week VCIOM conducts its Omnibus study (Nationwide survey face-to-face, N=1600). This study provides bonus for every customer - you receive free social and demographic block:

  1. Sex
  2. Age
  3. Education
  4. Social status
  5. Marital Status
  6. Income
  7. Employment
  8. Type of settlement
  9. Federal District

Money Saving:  “Express” is a weekly omnibus research.  Each questionnaire involves questions made by different customers on various topics. You only pay for the cost of your own questions which directly depends on their number and complexity. It considerably reduces the cost of your poll because you do not spend on the organization and implementation of the research. You pay for the particular stage, at the same time you receive Nationwide Russia sampling data which is done much faster than a special research. You take control over your expenses by calculating the cost of different variants of the questionnaire.

Fast:  Our Omnibus has been weekly conducted for five years. During this time there have been done about 250 waves. Clear organization of the process, employees` specialization and years of experience make the data acquisition quick and data processing quality. The results of the “Express” are due to the schedule, without any delay. The deadline for providing your questions is Monday. A week later you will get the answers to them, plus 1-2 weeks for report preparation, should you require such. The weekly schedule allows tracking any changes in public opinion and measuring the attitudes towards the subject as often as you like it.   Thus, the rough schedule (depending on the number of questions and their type) may look as the following:

  • Signing the agreement, instrument adjustment, discussion – 1 week
  • Data collection (including data entry, clean up and quality control) – 1 week
  • Report – 1-2 weeks depending on the type of study (subject, number of questions, etc…)

Quality control: Our polls allow getting high quality results. The data acquired go through strict control before the processing. What is being checked is respondent selection method which allows minimizing the influence of the interviewer on respondents` selection. The logic in the answers of respondents is also being checked; it reveals the contradictions and excludes questionnaires completed dishonestly. Twenty percent of respondents are being telephoned in order to establish if the survey took place and to make control over the reliability of the responses received. Due to tight deadline each interviewer conducts a limited number of interviews. The survey does not look like the flow of the interviews since each of them has individual approach. 

The entire country:  Our Omnibus represents the adult population of Russia. 1600 respondents participate in the poll. The opinion polls are conducted at 140 sampling points in 42 regions of the Russian Federation. Branches in all Russian federal districts allow quickly resolving issues arising during the study. (Express sampling)  The sample is built according to National Census Bureau quotas.

Any problem: “Express” - is an omnibus poll which enables to include different thematic blocks in the questionnaire varying from the effectiveness of bank advertising campaign to the measurement of the effectiveness of the authorities` performance.  Our Omnibus is a universal instrument for public opinion study; the geography of the poll and the age of participants (18+) allow studying marketing, social, political and economic problems (topics).

Participation in presentation of results at scientific and media events (both in Russian and in English can also be provided), as well as free PR via press-releases of VCIOM can be arranged. VCIOM is #1 Russian polling center according to Mediology index of citations in the country, being cited 1300 times per month with its studies – both in Russian and international press and electronic media. 

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