Timetable Results
March 16 (Wednesday)
1. PLENARY SESSION «The life of the research after the research. How to make the research product useful and usable?»
2. Round table «How is research really consumed, processed and used? Clients about contractors, contractors about clients»
3. Section «Shaken not stirred: combining methods to increase accuracy. Telephoners vs. householders»
4. Section «Sociology and authority»
Session 1 «Sociology and authority – a movement towards productive partnership»
5. Section «Sociology and authority»
Session 2 «Sociological support of strategic government planning. 2030»
6. Section  “Effective packaging of the research product. Collaboration of researchers with specialists in adjacent fields: PR-managers, designers, political consultants, business consultants”
7. Section «Public consciousness as an instrument for overcoming the crisis»
8. Section «Sociological monitoring of the state of interethnic relations: from methodology to evaluation and social»
9. Section «Forms of interaction between sociology and the media: from Grushin to convergent research»
10. Section «Justice: how it is understood and realized in modern Russia»
11. SECTION « Surveying via mobile devices: methodological challenges and opportunities »
March 17 (Thursday)
12. Section «Researching the research market. Shoemakers well shod»
13. Section «Sociology of the Internet»
14. Section «Independent assessment of the quality of state services: methodical approaches and organizational decisions:»
15. Section «Methodic audit of field work»
16. Section «Sociology of international relations»
17. Section «Big Data Challenge. Behavior registration vs polling declarations»
18. Round table «Professional standard «Specialist in the field of sociological and market research»: assessments from representatives of labor market and universities »
19. Section «Sociology of aging»
20. Round table «Extreme sociology: science, art… taboo?»
21. Section «Sociology of civil society and non-commercial sector»
22. Workshop by Apostolis Papakostas
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