Ratings of social institutions

Russian Public Opinion Research Center conducts weekly studies of approval/disapproval of social institutions. Below you can see these rating.

Data is presented on the basis of representative nationwide surveys. The sample comprises respondents from 138 polling points in 46 regions in Russia. The margin of error does not exceed 3,4%.

Approval Feb, 2019 Mar, 2019 Apr, 2019 May, 2019
Russian Army85.285.882.483.9
Russian Orthodox Church70.168.867.163.4
Law Enforcement Agencies56.957.555.452.8
Mass Media54.351.252.650.5
Public Chamber40.741.940.141.7
Political Parties36.737.732.233.9
Judicial System36.637.736.534.2
Trade Unions35.934.933.531.2
Disapproval Feb, 2019 Mar, 2019 Apr, 2019 May, 2019
Judicial System38.537.841.238.3
Political Parties36.534.440.137.0
Mass Media32.836.836.434.3
Trade Unions31.832.336.036.2
Law Enforcement Agencies27.726.230.129.8
Public Chamber20.520.024.120.8
Russian Orthodox Church16.517.219.522.3
Russian Army6.
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