Born December 28, 1975 in Moscow. In 1998 he graduated from the Moscow State University of International Relations with Honors, with a specialization in international relations. In 1999 Polikanov presented his PhD dissertation in political science (“Political Problems of international Relations and Global Development”) at MGIMO. In 2000 he was awarded the doctoral degree in political science and professor of the World Distributed University of the European Academy of Informatization. He worked as public relations director at the International Red Cross, Russia (till 2003); in 2003-2006 he was international and public relations director at VCIOM.

In 2006-2010 he was advisor to the head of the Central Executive Committee of the “United Russia” Party; since May 2010 he has been deputy head of the United Russia CEC.

He is the author of more than 60 publications about conflict resolution, peacekeeping, arms control, international relations and foreign policy in Russian and foreign languages. Polikanov`s research is focused on global problems particularly AIDS (His monograph “AIDS in Sub-Saharan Region (future of Russia)?” 2000; development of information and communication technologies and “digital divide” (editor of the English version of the book “Information Challenges to National and International Security”, 2001); co-author of the book “Internet in Africa: Parallel Reality”, 2001 and other), disarm (articles “On the Future of the Pelindaba Treaty”, 2000; "Illegal Arms Trade in Africa and Ways to Limit it", 2000).

He is a member of numerous international conferences, member of International Institute for Strategic Studies based in London and he is registered at the Speakers Academy (Netherlands). He is a Fellow of John Smith Memorial Trust (2001), fellow of Hansard Scholars Programme at the London School of Economics (2002), member of the MGIMO Alumni Association, British Alumni Club, Club of Halki International Seminar participants (Greece).

Mr Polikanov has been a member of VCIOM`s Scientific Council since 2006.

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