In 1988 he graduated from the Sergo Ordzhonikidze Moscow Institute of Management (currently, State University of Management), Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, with a diploma of economist in cybernetics. In 1993 he presented his PhD dissertation “Staff Dynamics (Analysis and Forecast)”.  In 1996 he presented his doctoral dissertation on “Dynamics of Economy of Transition Period (Methodology of Macro Analysis and Principles of Management)” at the Institute for Macroeconomic Research. In 1997 he was appointed an academician at the Moscow Academy of Informatization (MAI) which is a part of the United Nations Advisory Board. In 2002 he became a senior researcher. In 2003 he became Professor in Macroeconomics.

Professional activities:

1988-1993 – researcher at the Science and Research Economic Institute under the USSR State Planning Committee, Department of Labor

1993-1994 – head of Department of Labor Migration, Ministry of Labor of RF

1995-2001 – head of Sector of Modeling of Transition Processes in Economy at the Institute for Macroeconomic Research, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

1999-2000 – invited lecturer at the Economic and Law Institute 

2000-2001 – invited lecturer at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the RF  Ministry of International Affairs

2002-2004 - head of the Sector of Methodology of State Regulation of Economy, Institute of Macroeconomic Research.

In 2002, according to the independent research conducted in 1988-2000 he was ranked 6th among Russian economists in the number of publications and ranked 2d  for his  scientific contribution (see “Voprosy economiki” Journal, №2, 2002, s.143-145).

2003 - present– invited scientific advisor at the Moscow Finance and Law Academy.

2004 – United Nations Development Program expert, invited to prepare the Report on Social Investment in Russia jointly with the Association of Russian Managers

2004 - present – professor in the Department of State and Municipal Administration of the State Management University

2005–2006 – head of research projects at VCIOM

Since 2006 – advisor to VCIOM`s General Director

 Research interests:

    • Investment market functioning
    • Forecasting dynamics of  external and internal public debt
    • Problems of development of public sector of economy
    • Tax climate as a factor of economic growth
    • Effectiveness of investment in human capital
    • Peculiarities of structural and institutional development of Russian economy

Scientific publications:

1. Perekhodnie protsessy v ekonomike (metody kachestvennogo analiza). М.: IMEI. 1995;
2. Rossiiskaya model gosudarstvennogo sektora ekonomiki. М.: ZAO “Ekonomika”, 2005 (sovm. s V.А.Konyshevim)

He has 139 articles in the leading economic  publications (journals “Ekonomist”, “Obschestvo i ekonomika”, “Problemy prognozirovaniya”, “Problemy teorii i praktiki upravleniya, “Mirovaya ekonomika i mezhdunarodnie otnosheniya”, “Ekonomika i matematicheskie metody”, “Rossiiskii ekonomicheskii jurnal, “Vestnik Rossiiskoi akademii nauk”, “Naukovedenie”, “Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta”.  Seriya 6. “Ekonomika”, “Chelovek”, “Sotsialnaya zaschita”, “Finansovii biznes”, “Svobodnaya mysl – XXI”, “Monitoring obschestvennogo mneniya”), including 20 scientific works in English (jpurnals such as “Studies on Russian Economic Development”, “Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, “Matekon”).  

Doctor of Economics, professor 

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