Scientific Board

VCIOM`s research methodological basis is designed by the Scientific and Expert Board whose main activities are:

  • considering main directions and plans of VCIOM`s scientific work, applying scientific research to management practices;
  • approving plans for training scientific staff, publishing VCIOM`s scientific works, participating in international research projects;
  • hearing and assessing the reports of heads of divisions and departments, researchers about the research activity, training scientific staff;
  • considering and making recommendations for the presentation of dissertations prepared by VCIOM`s researchers, making references for dissertations.

Scientific Council staff

Scientific Council comprises of scientists, experts in politics, economy and sociology.

FEDOROV VALERY VALERIEVICH – Chairman of the Scientific Council. General Director of VCIOM, PhD in Political Science

PETUKHOV VLADIMIR VASILIEVICH – Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council, head of Department at the Institute of Sociology RAS, PhD in Philosophy

AVDIENKO DMITRY ALEKSEEVICH - General Director of “Capital of the country”, PhD in Sociology

ANDREEV ANDREY LEONIDOVICH - Chief Researcher at the Institute of Sociology RAS, Russian State Institute of Cinematography, Doctor of Philosophy

BALATSKY EVGENY VSEVOLODOVICH – Professor at the State University of Economy, Doctor of Economics

BYZOV LEONTY GEORGIEVICH – Leading Researcher at the Institute of Sociology RAS, PhD in Economics

TUMANOV SERGEY VLADIMIROVICH – Director of the Centre for Sociological Research, MSU, Institute for Integrated Research in Education, Doctor of Philosophy

LEVASHOV VIKTOR KONSTANTINOVICH – Head of the Center for Strategic Social and Political Research, Institute for Social and Political Research RAS, Doctor of Sociology

POLIKANOV DMITRY VALERIEVICH - Deputy Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the “United Russia” party, PhD in Political Science

POPOV NIKOLAY PETROVICH – Deputy Chief Editor of the Magazine “Monitoring. Social and Economic Changes”, Doctor of History

PAKHOMOVA ELENA IVANOVNA – Scientific Council member, PhD in Economics

TARUSIN MIKHAIL ASKOLDOVICH – Head of the Sociological Research Department at Institute for Public Planning

ROMASHKINA RUMIYA FAISOVNA – Advisor to General Director of VCIOM, PhD in Psychology 

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