Roundtable “Russians about country’s problems: in search for solution”
June 1 – A roundtable devoted to the study of the problem background and satisfaction with life among Russians three months before the State Duma elections took place at the TASS press centre. The study was carried out by the Russian Public Opinion Research     
   Press-conference “United Russia primaries”
May 19 – A press-conference devoted to the United Russia primaries involving the VCIOM General Director Valery Fedorov was held at the TASS press centre. Dmitry Badovsky, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies Foundation, Pavel Danilin, the     
   Presentation of book “Surprising Russia”
March 25 – A presentation of the book “Surprising Russia” was held at the VCIOM Institute. The book comprises more than forty interviews of sociologists, economists and political scientists. At the presentation ceremony many of them told the audience about how the life in the country would change     
   Russian Research Week: Russian consumer behavior against the crisis
March 14 – A press-conference involving the General Director of the VCIOM Company Valery Fedorov, the President of the Public Opinion Foundation Alexander Oslon and the General Director of the GFK-Rus Alexander Demidov was held at the Russia Today International Information Agency. The launch of the     
   Rethinking Russia International Conference
March 14 – Valery Fedorov took part in the Rethinking Russia International Conference that was held at the Moskva hall of the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel. The conference was organized by the Rethinking Russia International Think Tank. A presentation of the “Surprising Russia, a joint project     
   Strategic session “Introduction of Changes and Development of Business Environment in the Russian Federation”
February 25 – Valery Fedorov delivered his lecture titled “Intensification of efforts to improve the investment climate as a tool to support the credibility of authorities”. The lecture was part of the strategic session “Introduction of Changes and Development of Business Environment in the Russian     
   Crisis and Society: political risks in 2016
January 14, 2016 – A VCIOM expert discussion titled “Russian in crisis: political risks in 2016” was held in the framework of the Seventh Gaidar Forum. The discussion excited interest among the forum participants and mass media. Oleg Chernozub, head of VCIOM’s Monitoring Research Department,     
   The 2016 State Duma elections
December 23 – Valery Fedorov took part in the work of the Second practical conference of professional election campaign organizers named “The 2016 State Duma elections: starting conditions, basic bifurcations, problems and missions”. The conference took place at the Foundation for Civil Society     
   First sociological readings in the memory of V.A. Yadov
December 15 – Valery Fedorov addressed the conference named “First sociological readings in the memory of V.A. Yadov” organized by the St. Petersburg Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of     
   Developing strategic partnership between Russia and China
December 14 – VCIOM in cooperation with the “Platform” Social Design Centre conducted a press conference in the format of a Moscow - Beijing call-in show. The event was devoted to the rapprochement between Russia and Asia-Pacific countries, in particular the People’s Republic of China. The results     

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